Thursday, September 25, 2014

ASK/Chicago's The Daily Splurge #97 furthers Consumer Reports controversial Q: What would you do or buy if given $100,000 Tax-Free?

#NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #97 for Thursday, September 25, 2014 fully recognizes that Three (3) Months from Today, Christmas will be celebrated.  Chanukah will have closed being commemorated from December 16-24 and shall become yet another Fond Memory, an integral Part of History and Jewish Lore. From Dreidls to Cradles is how I pronounce that Incongruence. Kwanzaa then picks up the Celebration on December  26 through January 1 of each year thanks to Maulana Karenga, an African-American leader who proposed this Observance in 1966 (meaning 2016 is this Event's official 50TH Year Anniversary). 
Therefore, without a Doubt in anyone’s mind, this  heightened Period will automatically make us WANT TO SPLURGE.  Pulled into the Hub-Bub Excitement of what a New SPLURGE brings, back at SPLURGE CENTRAL located in Chicago, The Capitol of Splurge, Director Robert E. Hofstadter noted that on CBS TV This Morning with Charlie Rose – Gayle King and Nora O’Donnell that Todd  Marks at Consumer Reports conducted a Survey. 
From those People polled, these Folks were asked: 
What would or could you buy or do if you were given $100,000 tax-free? 
Evidently, the Reward was not $100,000 at the End of the Questionnaire but some mighty interesting Facts on what this Demographic would do.  Granted SPLURGING is an individual Choice per person in whatever location they live in and with what Tastes (or Lack of Taste) they possess. 
HOWEVER, the Question is one that is worth its Weight in Words. 
OF INTEREST IS THE FACT THAT:   $100,000 does not go as long a Ways as it did 100 years ago or even merely 50 years ago when I was ‘A Kid Growing Up Koopersmith’ in a rural part of Illinois, where the Vibe of a Big City and its cosmopolitan air did not exist.  It is mighty interesting to see how We would function if $100,000 was planted into our Hands.  $100,000 to the below-average and average person is a Bounty.  To the superbly ultra-rich amongst us, it’s merely a NOOTT:  Night Out On The Town.  
After all, hypothetically, if I were a Student with College Debt, I certainly would apply this Money to pay off my Bill.  But now that I’m a Seniorita who is 62, what I expect and demand from Life is entirely different, as is yours, I am sure. 
For Today, for the Moment, my List of Top 10 Picks and Selections is:
$10,000 to an Animal Welfare League;
$10,000 to a Homeless Shelter;
$10,000 to a Food Bank as @ZeroPercentUs;
$10,000 to pay off more of a Mortgage on my Home;
$10,000 to take a Trip to somewhere exotic and/or warm away from the Chiberian Polar Vortex;
$10,000 to produce my 7 Part Screenplay & Books that eliminates Racism;
$10,000 to hand out $50 Bills on the Corner of State & Washington in Chicago on Black Friday at 10 AM sharp;
$10,000 to give to After School Matters, one of my favorite ‘Do-Good’ Groups;
$10,000 to apply to the Hofstadter Homestead Account; and
$10,000 to put away for a ‘Rainy Day.’
And, what would you do with an extra One Hundred Grand in your Pocket.  Feel free to list a few of your Thoughts here.  They may just make for a future Post in #TheDailySplurge. 
I’m suspecting and expecting that maybe…just maybe…Todd will include me in Consumer Reports' next Popular Opinion Poll.  Let’s hope his Team wisely adjusts the Amount to that ever escalating, never-ending Cost of Living Adjustment.   That would be the politically correct 'Thing to Do.'
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