Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tiffany's. Pantone #1837. When it means more than just being a petite and pretty Robin Egg Blue Box. How ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago, The Queen of Splurge defines the T-Brand we all crave & rave about.


#NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #96 for Wednesday, September 24, 2014 materialized via a TIFFANY Advertisement on Facebook this morning telling us about PANTONE 1837 and how the infamous TIFFANY Box with its shocking White Bow became a well-known Trademark in Luxury since its Inception by Businessman Charles Louis TIFFANY in 1837. You have to smile and admire the long Trek the Little Box has taken; through World Wars; Famines; Plagues; the Space Age; to note and recall  the People who enjoy and have enjoyed the Line (i.e.: Brand and Style) and the Jobs TIFFANY has provided Decade in and Decade out to thousands of People for almost 180 years of defining Beauty to us and for us. 

Learn more and enjoy the informative Adweek online Article entitled: 

How Tiffany's Iconic Box Became the World’s Most Popular Package
This robin's egg blue is trademarked By Robert Klara


Chances are if you’re named TIFFANY, you’ve been named after the Store (65 located in the USA) itself and for Good Reason, by a Mother who wanted her Daughter to ‘stand-out’ from the Crowd and to be garbed in only the best.

We here at SPLURGE CENTRAL know that SPLURGING is a complete and complicated State of Mind in which anything can go.  You can SPLURGE big time. You can SPLURGE every day.  You can SPLURGE on a whim.  You can SPLURGE alone. You can SPLURGE with others.  .  You can SPLURGE in a crowd. You can SPLURGE in an urban area/arena. You can SPLURGE in a rural route.  The Emphasis is on the Bottom Line of:  

SPLURGING is best when in the Maintenance of a noted and proven Name that symbolizes Elegance and Good Taste.  ENTER: TIFFANY

This is what the TIFFANY Line represents to us.  TIFFANY is the Lamborghini of the Jewelry World and for all the Right Reasons.  

The petite and pretty ROBIN EGG Blue Box has seen a lot. 
The petite and pretty ROBIN EGG Blue Box has held a lot.  
The petite and pretty ROBIN EGG Blue Box has surprised a lot.

If this  
petite and pretty ROBIN EGG Blue Box 
could only talk.   
The Tales it would tell…

Imagine the Whoopla when 2017 rolls in when their Big Milestone arrives.  Should We go as far as calling this:  The TIFFANYEAR.  Why not! 

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