Thursday, September 18, 2014

The 3 T's: Tullman - Thursday - Turkey: How 9 innovative, fast-track Turkish Start-Ups break into the US Tech Scene. ENTER: 1871 Chicago.

EXPLANATION:  For those of you confused at the following, let me explain.  Being ‘America’s Premier Eventologist,’ I create Holidates (Holidays) that are symbolic of a much better Way of Living Life.  2014 marks my 20TH Year of creating NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 that took-off (ie: went VIRAL) when Joe Mansueto’s Fast Company Magazine (based in New York City) included it in their June, 2010 Edition called:  100 of the most Creative People in Business.  SPLURGING is a Way of Life.  SPLURGING is controversial. Every  SPLURGE tells a Story that each of us can relate to and elate in.  This is my Interpretation of how ‘The Daily Splurge’ reads for Thursday, September 18 thanks to the Efforts of ‘The Windy City’s’ 1871 Chicago.  Phoenixes can rise and ignite anywhere as this Presentation showed us.   


Thursday, September 18, 2014. #NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #90 marks this HOLIDATE’s 20TH Year & 2 Month ABC: Anniversary – Birthday Celebration Milestone.  And, in order to really ‘party-hardy,’ it’s time to leave (y)our Comfort Zone and go somewhere that is trending its Path into 21ST Century Living.  However, one does not need to go far when living in Chicago to accomplish this.  Jump on the Internet and merely sign-up for an @1871Chicago Event spear-headed by Howard A. Tullman whose Track Record speaks of only doing the most incredible Work the last 6+ Decades. 

SO, ALL DRESSED UP WITH SOMEWHERE TO GO: I attended the SENTE ADVISORY Turkish Technology Event held at 1871 Chicago called:  Teknojumpp Demo Day from 9 AM to Noon that featured 9 of Turkey’s leading Start-Ups.  Sometimes, SPLURGING on Brain Power opens Doors never imaginable.  Since Technology still seems to be functioning at a Science Fiction Level (of sheer & mere Disbelief) wondering how these Fetes can really be done), it’s advantageous to explore the latest and newest Companies that have a Stake in improving what We already have.  After all, the Wheel can be improved contrary to Popular Belief. 

After all, at one Time, the Pony Express was classified as the latest and greatest Innovation ‘on The Move’ that could not be beat or be deemed as replaceable.  Well, gone are those Days.  The Ponies are happy in that case. The Mustang Car is now its replacement.

Those nine (9) Turkish Companies in Attendance  at 1871 Chicago aiming to introduce and entice a Chicago Audience & Buyership, included:

1 - Btech –

2 - GOEN –

3 - GUI –

4 - ARF –

5 - Chain –

6 - Kreix –

7- Argedor – –

8 - BFC –

9 – Reengen –

A Special Thanks to:

Serhat Cicekoglu Managing Director of: SENTE ADVISORY

(M-Turkey) +90-538-832-6329


Will these Companies become the next Google or Microsoft? 

Will they be able to penetrate a new Market, as vast and diverse as the United States? 

Will existing Firms take a Chance? 

Forging New Frontiers in Technology and connecting with those like Minds are what 1871 Chicago provides.  Once that is realized, the real Work begins. 

Personally, had I been a Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor, several of these Start-Ups showed great POW-tential and well-worth the Investment.  See for yourself at the(ir) above URLs.  After all, most of us are saddened that We did not invest in APPLE a few Decades ago. 

FURTHERMORE: Give yourself the Opportunity to SPLURGE & expand your Horizons at upcoming Events that 1871 Chicago hosts by clicking on:

You’ll be fascinated.  We’ve certainly traveled a Distance since The Day of The Pony Express, with few Regrets.  


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