Thursday, September 11, 2014

ExpoChicago Art Representation by ASK, Top Public Relations Pro: Sept 18-21.


Attn:  ARTists from across The World:


As Creator of ARTention Retention in March, 2013 online and entitled at:

The Launch of ARTention RETENTiON ©2013

Koopersmith refines Storytelling and Product Development.

Branding @ its best,

Today’s Offer is the yearly (once in a Lifetime Service) in time for Holiday Gift Giving in which your ART should be bought as well as for the Kickoff of 2015. 

THAT OPPORTUNITY is to be repped at:



September 18-21.


I will be attending all  Three (3) Days and every Party/Reception/Talk that is sponsored and hosted. 

Cost:  $600, prepaid by September 17.

Includes:  Disbursement of your Postcards and/or Business Cards.


An additional $300 entitles you to a Page on my Blog from October 1, 2014 – January 15, 2015 to ensure more Visibility for your ART.


The Deluxe Package (valued at $1,500, prepaid) includes a Personal Email to every Vendor onsite at THE EXPO pointing you out via your Website and/or Blog. In November, those Companies/Individuals/Units are ‘tweeted’ your latest NEWS.   

For those wanting merely an Intro Letter to those who attended & those I met that will begin on October 1, 2014, that Price is:  $800, prepaid. 

The Choice is entirely up to you. 

Email me at:

for p-ART-iculars. 

Chicago (my Home since 1974 – 40 years now) is the Third largest Cosmopolitan & Metropolitan City in the USA, an ARTroplis in the truest Definition of the Word – where your Creative Brand and Product should be seen.  Furthermore, this is a Global Show & Event, meaning there is no telling who I will come in contact with. 


Feel free to share this with your Network. This is also applicable to ART Magazines & Galleries unable to visit ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ at this time. 


Thank you. I appreciate your Time devoted to this Post.




Creator – Founder – Owner: ARTention RETENTiON

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