Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh, Baby, it's time for you to: RENT THE RUNWAY. How Jennifer Hyman, CEO & Co-Founder’s Marketing Plan took the Fashion Industry by storm. "A Splurger’s Delight," per ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of National Splurge Day & Years Of The Splurge.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014. #NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #88 was derived from a Segment pm CBS This Morning at 8:22 AM called RENT THE RUNWAY caught my Eye. Jennifer Hyman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder’s leading Quote is:

“I don’t hire people to agree with me.
I hire people with big opinions and big dreams.”

With 31  Employees, her Group has 5 million Members that allows a Woman to rent a Dress – Gown – Outfit for a Special Occasion that can be from a major Designer worth Thousands of Dollars, something the ordinary Woman could not afford or have immediate access (t0). However, Members only pay a few hundred dollars at that.  The “Dress” is sent to you in Two (2) Sizes to assure that it fits well with Borrowing Rites for that Selection for up to  Eight (8) Nights.  Shipping back is free.  Every Dress turns out 30 Uses. 

“You will look terrific.”
“Inexpensive Luxury” is how Jennifer’s Concept is explained.

Their Warehouse is in: New Jersey; with Showrooms in New York & Vegas (so far).   

If you want to SPLURGE for ASK’s National Splurge Days ©1994  and YOTS:  Years Of The Splurges ©2010  slated for 2014 – 2019 in line with this HOLIDATE’s 20TH – 25TH ABC: Anniversaries – Birthdays – Celebrations with Money saved, Rent The Runway is the Best Commercial Effort in order to get more BANG for your BUCK.

As the #QUEENOFSPLURGE since 1994, I suggest that Team: Jennifer starts a Plus Size for Bigger Women as well as a Man’s Line.  After all, it’s that Goose-Gander Dichotomy at play here.

We at SPLURGE CENTRAL are not sure if a Children’s Line would ‘go over’ since Wear & Tear seems to be the Modus Operandi of any and every Kid I know.

As RTR’s Motto states:

This is how 21st Century Retail should work.

Kudos to Jenn Hyman for this Innovative Business where We can all look great; save Money & salvage #ExcessWear from Land Heaps and Stockpiles.  Giving Retail a run for its Position  in the Fashion Industry will turn heads in more ways than anticipated. 

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