Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The American Hero Music Festival -

POSTED FOR Joe Cantafio on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DATELINE: May 11, 2011

Details below

I need your help on a project. As you may know, my cousin Lance Corporal Ryan Joseph Cantafio USMC 2/24 was killed in action in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 25th) 2004. I promised his dad nobody would ever forget Ryan. In 2008, with the help of the Exchange Club of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, we created "The American Hero Music Festival;" scheduled around September 11th annually, to keep Ryan and all "real heroes" memories alive. This year will be the 3rd annual event, however, the economy is putting some pressure on the good people of Beaver Dam, WI, Ryan's hometown, where the event is held, and funding for this event is becoming hard to come by.

So, I am stepping from “center stage” to “center court,” and with the help of Mitch Salzstein and his great organization; "The Charity Stripe." I will be shooting free throws to raise money for this year's event. Funds raised will go to producing the event and to the high school-college scholarship programs in the name of the three fallen troops who graduated from Beaver Dam High School. If a $50,000.00 goal is met, every dollar after that will go to the Vietnam Veterans “Welcome Home 2011 – Chicago” – June 17 – 19 -

Believe it or not, I am a 90% free throw shooter, and I will be shooting 100-free throws on June 8, 2011 at an event called "Free Throws For Heroes." This charitable event/initiative, created by The Charity Stripe, will directly support The American Hero Music Festival, and I will be the only one shooting free throws. People can pledge 50-cents, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 per free throw, or make a straight donation. All donations are tax exempt. This event is sponsored by The Barrington Park District.

Please click on this link and make a pledge. ALSO please help by contacting at least ten of your military-supporting friends and ask them to pledge as well.

I’m asking my friends here on Facebook because I know you could help with this project and help make it a huge success. Your influence with your vast network of Troop Supporters could really make a difference.

If you live in the Chicago-area, you are invited to watch me shoot the free throws ~ 11:30 AM on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at Langendorf Park, Barrington Park District Fitness Center, basketball court; 235 Lions Dr, Barrington, IL (@ Rt 59 {Hough Street} and Rt 14 {Northwest Highway})

I hope you can help.

Thanks so much ~

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