Friday, May 20, 2011

The Essence of SKiN: When TOYS tell it like it REEL-ly is.

Have you ever wondered…

what the one principal property is that (nearly) every Creature on the Planet Earth possesses? The substance that joins, binds and keeps us ‘all together’ while protecting us from all harmful and deadly outside forces? If so, you need not look any further than the SKiN you are in and every person that you meet and greet. SKiN is Mankind’s Liaison with the Natural World around him. But, what is it that we do not know about ‘The Nature of SKiN’ that the beauty industry routinely drills that I expose in my 8-part Movie/Book Franchise called:



Plenty, I assure you, yet so many of us avoid and don’t follow our Natural Instincts. That’s SKiNSTINCTS to those of us ‘in the trade’ of WRITE-ing The World.

As an avid TOY collector since birth, the Characters/Roles in SKiN are played by TOYS (beloved by everyone everywhere for that universal appeal and the Hottest Commodity in Movie-Making today). However, my TOYS represent Species who are millions-upon-millions of years old(er than Man). Because of their longevity and relatively ‘unblemished’ life, these TOYS have ‘seen it all.’ Think: ‘Nature’ before the Dinosaur all the way to the Arrival of Man (who is the Harbinger of the Bomb-War-Hate Syndrome). Included are the Frog, Monkey, Ground Hog, Bird Family, Bat, Bear & there’s even an ExtraTerrestrial for good measure! THE CHARACTOYS® expose Four (4) prevailing themes, those being:

- to eliminate Racism;

- to dispel The Mixed Signals and Ironies of every Day Life;

- to realize fully that your (false and irrationally made) Prejudgments should be diligently avoided at all Costs & Efforts; and

- to get to The Heart of what really matters is all that matters most.

BUILDING MOMENTUM: I am very happy to report that 1 of the 8 Sequels of SKiN called: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 became The Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition 2010 Quarterfinalist Winner beating out 3,164 other Scripts on July 23, 2010. Four (4) of the 8-Part Series is completed to date.

SKiN joins us and should not be seen as a detractor or brick wall from achieving our Dreams. ‘The Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Forrest Gum of the 21ST Century,’ once SKiN is read, pondered and absorbed, the reader will shed any bigoted bone he has in his body. Possessing SKiNTEGRITY, this Creation is a movie/book empire whose Time is now…or never.


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