Friday, May 6, 2011

The Best ANT Spec Movie Script on The Planet. Or so Mom & I think. The May 6, 2011 Edition.

Excerpt #3 about 'ANTS' follows:

To Scores of People throughout Time, ANTS were born to get under your SKiN and give you ‘The Creeps.’ With a wrongfully fixed Mindset as this securely in place, what possible Lessons and Values could Humans (stoutly judging themselves to be a far Superior Race) then learn from such a SMALL Species? As my Writing expanded, other Writers and The Media began asking:

What compelled me to choose ANTS to battle against such ingrained, Social Human Dilemmas & Injustices?

In response, I stated: “The ANTS’ Cuteness, Cooperation and Chronology served as my Top 3 Criteria in selecting a Creature that could properly tell this STORY, a Tale based and founded in Truth.”

After all, ANTS have received a ‘Bad Rap’ from Humans.

At this point in the copy, I relay my LOG LINE which is open to Movie Industry professionals only.

Continuing with the General Info:

Born 130,000,000 years ago, ANTS now set a Prime Example in:


a willful STORY explaining how Size, Color & Wits matter in Nature, for the Survival of The Species and those (about them) that they assist and affect. At times, this Role can give-off the Wrong Signals causing Mixed Messages to occur and confuse. Getting to know The Real ANTS of Muckety-Muck PROVANTS allows The Observer (Reader, Viewer and/or Audience Member) to gain a privileged Insider’s VANTAGE Point of what happens in ANTDOM, seldom revealed until now.

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