Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Literary & Cinematic Magic behind iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

ASK ON LITERARY MAGIC...has been made.

As of Thursday, January 24, 2013, I have completed  the Final Touches on my award-winning Script called:

iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 which placed (by beating  out 3,164 other entries in the 2010 Scriptapalooza Intl Screenplay Competition - based in Hollywood, CA that is read only by seasoned Movie Professionals) as well as rewriting the Story from which the Story Line emanates.  Both are now 2 books and 2 movies.  Thoroughly re-copyrighted and now entered into 1 of the top global Literary Contests, I feel @ ease knowing that the other branding magic (which I am so fond of doing) can begin. 

This (you see) is all derived from a 7 part Literary/Cinematic Project I started on Thursday,  January  29, 2009 called:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™

How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009


whose main pointers are to:


-Eliminate Racism;

-Dispel the Mixed Signals & Ironies we received every day; and

-Get to the heart of what really matters.


Updates will appear regularly now on my blog called KOOPERSMITHin.  Its major LOGLINE is here:

Another feature regarding THE ANTS is found at:

After all, into everyone’s picnic an ANT must step.  Hey, it’s Part of Nature and it’s not nice to kid or fool the Greatest Force in the YOU-niverse.

Contact me here for any further questions and/or if you are a major Animation Studio wishing to produce this Series.

Thank U, all!

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter

Studio 1437

Chicago – IL USA


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