Friday, January 25, 2013

The Mayor of Storyville: Kenny Haas, Chicago's Very Own.

Posting of:  Friday, January 25, 2013

ASK's LITERARY RECO OF THE MONTH: Low & Behold: These are the Future Storytellers of America. "But who is behind such an Endeavor?"you may ask.

It's none other than: Mr. Kenny Haas, the Mayor of Storyville. He's the one behind this tremendous Campaign that is helping kids (and we are all kids, just gotten older) get excited about the Stories that are within them.

How monumental is that. I'll tell U: 2013 marks Mr. Haas' 20TH Year of being 'The Mayor.' You may remember that a few years back he was invited to audition to become 'the next Captain Kangaroo.' Quite an honor indeed to be recognized in this way, but let's put it this way: There's only one Mayor of Storyville and he's Chicago's Very Own.

Learn more about how Kenny can inspire your Kids at:


Part 2 of above Posting:  When a Thought hits, a Hit is born.

When the going gets tough, the tougher begin to tell Stories that always have a magical way of soothing the incidents and accidents that happen to each of us.  Therefore, in honor of those who systematically make sure we have enough of those Stories, something special must be done for them.  Wave a wand and see!  Wave a wand and a Smile will appear if the WRiTE amount of Characterization is involved.

Therefore, as 'America's Premier Eventologist,' (as declared by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine based in Washington, DC  in August of 1997 (which was a long time ago - the way all great Stories start out), I find it befitting to eventologically proclaim that:

May is Mayor of Storyville's Month ©2013

in honor of Mr. Kenny Haas who has  many, MAY-ny a Story to tell us all, so if you can, please sit down and enjoy the MONTH OF MAY -- all according to THE MAYOR STORYVILLE because  it's going to be packed full of the Stories that make (or should we say:  MAY-ke) great Literature greater.
Come one.  Come all.  Be his Guest.

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