Saturday, January 31, 2009

'ASK' on those New Year Resolutions of 2009.

Chicago, IL USA: I can't help but look at the Calendar and am started to see that it is already the 31st of the Month, a Month that's seen a lot of Change in government straight across the continental USA; as well as weather conditions, housing markets and life-in-general. Some of it is for 'the good' - although most of it appears rather dismal by prior standards.

However, only a month ago tonight as many of us were dressing up for those gala New Year Festivities, we were anticipating setting new and healthier goals for ourselves in the name of Resolutions that would slim us down; tighten us up and educate us so we would be more competitive in the Workplace of a post-recessionary world that may last much longer than we need it to.

The Question remains: How many stuck to their Promise?

How many fell off the proverbial wagon?

Not that an actual count or census is needed. That falls upon you(rself) totally.

However, for those who have guilt about not sticking to their Plan on making Things better for themselves and/or loved ones, look at it this way:

Tomorrow is the Start of a New Month...a(nother) New Beginning

and it can be used much as January 1st is of each year - a time to start over, dust yourself off and get active about making it the Best Month yet.

That of course is your perogative.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009 - 12:55 PM CST

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