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Kvetching About Slavery. The Numbers prove it.

Chicago, IL USA: The Formula has never been simpler. Twenty-Six Hundred Years ago, The Jewish Tribe(s) were hard at work — as Slaves — laboring away in an Early Egypt - sweating profusely away, making bricks, baking bricks, hauling bricks and pounding the sandy terrain into what would become one of the longest-lasting Structures the Ancient & Modern Worlds have ever seen. Yes, Jews were labeled as ‘Slaves’ long before recording History and the day-by-day Episodes of Life & Living were even popularized.

Geographically, Egypt is also located in Africa — in the Northeast Corner for those Individuals who cannot navigate Cartography and are not adept Geographic Buffs and Pros. Therefore, you can easily see and say that because Africa is renowned as the Fertile Delta or Cradle of Civilization — and Home of Lucy, the first Ape-like Creature to resemble Man. Bearing this Fact in mind, the Jews (then) are also Afro-Americans (only because they, too, were on the Continent known as Africa ‘slaving and toiling away’) whose Histories as ‘CareTakers of The Earth’ go back further than the 211 Year History of the United States and its Embattlement with Chattel Slavery and Indentured Servitude. Since Man (himself) emanated out of Africa and has been Migratory since, those Residents of the United States are all ‘technically’ African-Americans. Demographers conclude, then, that all Denominations hail from Africa, whether your current Residence is the Arctic, Albany, Atlanta or the Amazon.

Jews and Jewish-Wannabes (and you know who you are) can easily identify with Blacks and their long, harsh and impersonalized History of Enslavement. For it is only then that the Sweet Taste of Freedom and Creativity unfolds and becomes most appreciated for its Depth, Width and, of course, as the Cycle perpetuates (itself): (into) History.

Furthermore, as Culture & Civilization have proven throughout (the Test of) Time: We all get by with 'a Little Help from our Friends' no matter where We call ‘Home’ on The Planet Earth or what our Descent was.


If not for Slavery, would anything ever get completed?

That’s really is the only logical Question of The Day, Today. It doesn’t pay to complain, get sick over or seek vengeance about the Amount of Years a Tribe has been enslaved. The 20TH & 21ST Century Housewife feels she is, has been and may always remain a Slave to her Family. It depends on how the word is defined.

If 'We built this City on Rock n' Roll,' then the greatest Civilizations were built on Slavery and for those who were so enslaved, they can be dually proud of their tumultuous Legacy, no matter how long and grueling it was. It is the Grand Picture that ultimately matters, whereby losing sight of the Forest for the Trees is only human.

WITHOUT BEING STUCK IN THE PAST: The Dilemma merely depends on how well-lived your Life becomes that matters in the Long Haul. As ZH once stated: What matters? Keeping those 2 simple prolific Words in mind keeps us on-track.

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