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WWGCA: What Would God Complain About?

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The Analysis or (more likely) ANAL-ization of THE COMPLAINT

The Analysis
or (more likely)

Complaining (in and of itself) is an Act.

However, the Discography of THE COMPLAINT itself is an Art. Absolutely so. It’s shrouded in Layers of pensive Thoughts, Behaviors and Attitudes that are as individualistic as The Person who airs them. Even each ‘Airing’ (Rant or Rave) has a Degree of Severity (not Civility) in it. Letting lose and letting go ‘of a COMPLAINT’ is a Method of De-Stressing much like an Alcoholic finds (temporary) Comfort (Northern or Southern in Locale) in a Keg of Beer, Glass of Wine, Shot of Bourbon or Bottle of Champagne.

However, Whine-ing can be short-lived and THE COMPLAINER (for the most Part) is a Constant. Said COMPLAINT remains unleashed. The Degree of Sentimentality may be lessened. The Emotion may be temporarily gone, but as for its Physicality, a COMPLAINT is easily discernible and is like a Pimple: It pops out and explodes when it wants to. Bottling up a COMPLAINT can lead to dogmatic Internal Problems that can be costly in the long run.

The Core Group revolves around:

YOU: Your COMPLAINTS, Grudges and Maddening Experiences can range from breaking a Nail to losing Millions in an ailing Financial Downturn.

FAMILY: How Family Members annoy you can be summed up in a COMPLAINT (if not more). SO much for the ‘Extended Family’ that sociologists are touting. If you are rated as a prolifically compulsive Writer, at times like these, the Merriam-Webster Synonym Dictionary (found at comes in handy and automatically eases THE COMPLAINT. That is: By finding an Outlet to spill your COMPLAINT may be therapeutic. The Act of Reading itself (as in Reading others COMPLAINTS on this Website) acts cathartically.

FRIENDS: You can choose your Friends and not your Family. INSERT: And Experts wonder why so many People (including Adults) run away from Home. To continue: Many Friendships break up (as Marriages do) because too many COMPLAINTS are lodged against that Person, Place, Things or Circumstances that becomes too unbearable. After a certain Point, Intolerance sets in and it just does not pay (on and for any Grounds of Sanity whatsoever) to keep The Friendship alive.

AT WORK: Bosses ignite an entirely new Level for THE COMPLAINER. With a Degree of Power in place, no one really complains about what The Boss is doing. Jeopardizing One’s Job (especially in this precarious Job Market) is definitely Taboo and not a wise thing-to-do. This may be the leading Reason why World Economics is as degraded as it has become the last 3-4 years. The Leader (in any Organization) is The Boss. The Followers (in any Organization) are the Employees. A Class System again is put into place. The above Subjects warrant Grounds for ‘COMPLAINTS.’ After a Month passes, an Assortment of COMPLAINTS begin to build. Blowing The Whistle on The Boss is now an Industry of its own Accord that’s seen on every TV & Radio Channel, Website & Blog across The Planet. It’s a Travesty of Justice and Goodwill when COMPLAINING does not get to do what it does best, but is breached for the Advancement of a Cunning Few. One Party always remains that is left in Despair with solidifying COMPLAINTS.

Locating an Outlet that finally filters the Air (that acts as a Purification System) is a sure-fire Way to lay a COMPLAINT to rest, even just for The Present, as many COMPLAINTS have the Tendency to occur and resurface.

In a post-industrialized, techno-World that began at The Turn of The 1900s, Individuals began thinking (which is Step #1 to the complete Compilation and Registering of a COMPLAINT) along these 4-Lines:

Am I pretty or handsome enough?
Am I slim enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I rich enough?

JUMPING INTO THAT TIME MACHINE: Back in the Days of ‘Little House on the Prairies’ of Kansas in 1850, there weren’t too many Teen Magazines to thumb through; Colleges to attend or Diet Books to peruse. The Amount of Time “getting down, dirty, nasty and spiteful about yourself was severely limited, as Survival (defined on Page 1187, Column One of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary ©1999) in a new Territory was topping the TO DO List. Nothing else was of that utmost importance. Looks, Body Image, Brains or Money were not in their Top Ten List. No petty and insignificant Acts/Actions that many (if not most) COMPLAINTS are structured around Today were posted on the TO DO List of 1850. Their Value and Material System was plainly based on a different Set of Criteria than ours is.

The Degree or Richness of a COMPLAINT is also interesting. After all, how good can a COMPLAINT be if there isn’t anything to judge it (up) against? Would a COMPLAINT even be an Actuality if there was nothing to compare it to? Time and Personalities are the Two (2) Factors that color a COMPLAINT and give it its Pizzazz - all the more, adding to its Dimensionality.

Is there not a slight Difference between COMPLAINING that the last Chocolate cream-filled Cupcake was eaten compared to a Ponzi Scheme that left a Family barren, broke, homeless and forlorn? What’s considered serious to One Person may not be to another. A serious COMPLAINT to one Person could be the Brunt of a Joke to another. Besides Belief Systems, add in different Cultures, Borders and Political Parties and then, the Gamut of what is COMPLAINARY paints an entire different Picture.

This Verbiage also brings up a few Questions and Facts:

How long does or will a COMPLAINT last?

How stressful can a COMPLAINT be before it garners Anxiety, a Heart Attack or Stroke?

And, of course, the Universal Differential that’s portrayed as COMPLAINT Severity, i.e.:

Does Money buy a COMPLAINT-Free World?

As an Example: Do those Individuals in Darfur (who are starving that managed to get through the Carnal Slaughter, Rape and Genocide), have time to complain. If so, do their COMPLAINTS ever end? Whom do they complain to? How long can they exist with this Clamor in their Lives? Tracing a similar Plight, in the 1960s, Children in Biafra were starving. Did their Pleas go up against Deaf Ears? If not, then why is there such overt never-ending Poverty, Despair & Pain in The World (now some 50 years later) if there’s Plenty of People (dealing in Goods & Services) and Organizations to complain to, whose Goal is to react in Kindness and Generosity? How are COMPLAINTS registered at Customer Service Departments and what Percentage of COMPLAINTS are alleviated yearly?

Can a COMPLAINT be heard and eased by a Greater Power than Mortal Man? In other words, for those whose lives are based upon (a) Religion:
WWGCA: What Would God Complain About?

In other words, insulated in our own Home Units (whether it’s a Villa in the South of France, a Farm in Georgia, a Trailer Court in Kentucky; a Time-Share in Cancun or a Co-op Penthouse in New York City, COMPLAINTS permeate ‘The Scene’ and lodge themselves in The Psyche of Man so that Discussions (as these) can be aired on Websites as Richard’s.

Many Global Religions and 12-Step Programs hold a Ritual each December 31 to cleanse themselves of THE COMPLAINTS they previously experienced as Arrogances and Troubles that followed them through the ‘Last Year.’ The Process is to list those Grievances on a Page of Paper and then toss them into a Vat burn or burn them up in a Fire(place). Therefore, they are symbolically removed forever and no one is haunted by them any longer.

No Research (to the best of my Knowledge) was ever done to see if a(ny of these) COMPLAINTS ever return, like the Swallows to Capistrano that arrive like clockwork on March 19 (after leaving Goya, Argentina (beyond the Andes) on the 18TH of February, flying some 7500 Miles in 30 Days, at an Altitude of above 2,000 feet). Do those Swallows complain as they are ardently keep flying away from vicious Predators, Airbuses, Jet Aircraft and Miles of Smoggy Pollution on their Way to their Destination? That, at most, is an ingrained Tendency. COMPLAINTS are learned or acquired although some surface due to personal Traits or unforeseen Dramas. Removing them appears to be more of a Psychological Cleansing. And, if it alleviates The Problem – THE COMPLAINT or The Issue (at hand) then rest assured before long, another COMPLAINT will arise. However, the Person is then free till the next COMPLAINT arises and can get something important done instead of ‘stewing’ in his or her COMPLAINT. Seen another Way: The Dynamics of the COMPLAINT has done its Job and served an important Purpose in The Daily Life of 21ST Century Man.

One Thing is for certain. The COMPLAINTS a Person has at age 10 are totally different than those of a 30, 50 or 70 year old. The Structure of a COMPLAINT grows more complicated as an Adult straddles through his/her Decades and with what(ever) he/she embodies, faces and knows.

Simultaneously, Location & Financial Standing (or Means) also play significant Roles in ‘The Everyday COMPLAINT.” Historically and prehistorically, it was (only) Cave Man who had just one COMPLAINT. Their COMPLAINT was surviving The Day and making it through The Night without being eaten by large, man-eating Carnivores. What was a COMPLAINT to Neanderthal definitely was not a COMPLAINT to Contemporary Man. For the most Part, no large woolly Mammoths frightfully stampede or lurk through the Cities or Forests of our Planet today. Occasionally, We will see a Grizzly Bear or Deer check-out a backyard garbage can for a morsel or two if their Food Allowance has been jeopardized. The Viewing of one’s Conditions is directly linked to THE COMPLAINTS We have, hold and pass along to Others.

How the COMPLAINT evolved:
Early Man did not complain about who won or lost the SuperBowl; if Bus Fares are escalating or if his mother-in-law is interfering (again). It may not have been ‘that much of a COMPLAINT, as a perceived important life-or-death Goal to reach. In other Words: On the ‘Reichter Scale of COMPLAINTS,’ there are complaints and then, there are COMPLAINTS. COMPLAINTS may appear ‘in disguise’ for you to CHANGE - a Change may do you good.

“If COMPLAINTS are perceived or interpreted as a Disguise that seeks for you to change or implants the Notion that ‘Change is in the Air,’ then that Message may hold positive good for The Recipient. Unfortunately, for Contemporary Man, there are too many Choices than can lead him/her astray and into the cobblestoned Dilemmas of Living a Life filled with COMPLAINTS. Knowing others are suffering with them, too, secures the Fact that DNA & COMPLAINTS are forever binding and are woven as a colorful Part of our Lives that we’ve grown to (for no other word) than to COMPLAIN about...”

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