Friday, January 9, 2009

When in Doubt: COMPLAIN. The new Rx for 2009.

Chicago, IL USA:

Richard Friedman's Website, allows People (of all ages) to do what they do best:


After all, Man developed Vocal Chords, Sound(s), Speech and Language in order to 'Give Voice' and 'raise his Voice' in matters that concert and disconcert his moral, immoral and amoral upbringing (or lack of it). This is Part of the Fun, Excitement and Educational Learning (as well as Networking Opportunities) that the Internet has given us. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is rocked by the same Complaint. A tasty Example is:

A baker complains if his/her cake falls, whereby a dieter (who lives cake-free) could care less.

CONTINUING: But since most of us are programmed to CARE (about something even hardened Criminals may have 1 or 2 Cares hidden deep down), if that CARE is harmed, scarred or averted, then a Major Complaint can fester, grow and ultimately explode from that pressurizing Issue.

The Challenge of Complaining is universal; however, for those with little on their Plate (Amazon Rain Forest Pygmies with few clothes, video games or text messaging devices immediately come to my mind), then they really have no real Anxieties as a Rate of Comparison. They may not even use Plates (as we know a plate to be). As a People, they may be more docile, loving and peaceful. I'm guessing all this since I've never done any significant research on any Amazon Pygmy Groups, but would highly guess that as soon as civilized Man (and those from the National Geographic Team) stepped into their neck-of-the-woods, they were not as willing to share nor were they happy with the Advent of Change and/or Assimiliation. Who would be?

Granted C&A: Change & Assimilation are top Priorities in Washington Government for 2009, for the average Westernized Person in an industrialized state of mind and world, who is not an ardent Revolutionary, the easiest Way to vent their Rage and Outrage (or less pressing matters, states of conditions) and mal-contentedness is to COMPLAIN. As a logical being, Man complaints when he/she does not get their way. Therefore, selfishness does play a primary role in this entire interesting and debatable dynamic.

As of yet, Richy F (exalted Chieftain: Richard Friedman) doesn't have a sound-activated Website where voice blurbs can be down and/or uploaded. All he asks is that you sit down and write your Complaints up. Then, submit them online where they will last until the next Ice Age cometh. All Complaints are welcome. What's a complaint to one may be a compliment to another.

And on this cold and icy day in Chicago, IL in early January, 2009, as We patiently await the weekend to start and Happy Hour to kick-in, my major Complaint as the Founder of: FAUX FUR FRIDAYS (R) is that not enough People are wearing FAUX FUR. Not only is Faux Fur cheaper and kinder, many Websites are calling the Manufacturers of FAUX FUR an anti-green process whereby deadly Chemicals that are used in its preparation are harmful to our Environment, a battle that has been waging for decades now.

Slinging snowballs as this does not take into consideration the enormous amounts of Wildlife that is saved from Extinction and an early Death by merely wearing man-made fabrics that create extra jobs for a dismal and bleak employment future for many workers. Yet another FAUX FUR Complaint warrants the feature (not future in this case) of the snowcaps, glaciers and icebergs that are rapidly melting and disappearing from sight; thus destroying the Homes of these large creatures -- many that are hunted, trapped and slaughtered for their Pelts.

Complaining about too many cars, exhaust systems causing black holes in the atmosphere and ozone layers and unseasonably strange climactic conditions (as an unusally strong number ofmore hurricanes and tornados criss-crossing the USA) are sure-fire ways to complain about how Mankind himself may be on the Endangered Species List. Besides Animals who've been hunted since Neanderthal Times and whose Histories go back millions of years, even out-living the mighty Dinosaur.

Oh, the Complaints we can launch about the Weather, Climate, Global Warming and 'Furs vs. Foes' that we wear or don't wear could fill up Volumes. And it does. For our sake and Mr. Friedman's, it's reassuring to know that Cyberspace, like the Art & Act of limitless, without bounds and is something we all have: An Opionion that is jaded, but still our very own to love and cultivate...

As Letters to the Editor served a Purpsoe in 20th century journalism and newspapers, Rich Friedman's found the perfect FAUX-rum (R) to let the People have their say: One Complaint at a time. Feel better: Complain. And, wear Faux Fur.

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