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FROM THE CREATOR OF INTERNATIONAL THANK YOU DAYS (C)94/5/6/8, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith: Closing in on Intellectual Property Thieves.

Dateline: Saturday, January 10, 2009 - 1:49 PM CST

Chicago, IL USA:

On the Eve of INTERNATIONAL THANK YOU DAYS (C)1994/5/6/8 that I created which begins on Sunday, January 11, 2009 and marks its 15TH Year, that is an 8-day celebration that thanks specific Types/Groups and Services (of People) who make our Days better, I cannot help but see via electronic Alerts the exorbitant and growing number of Websites (commercial in nature and not artistic) that have blatantly stolen, lifted and used this HOLIDATE (like many of my others) that I copyrighted in 1994 to use for commercial money-making endeavors without giving me a cent. The top ones are:

Blue Mountain eGreeting Cards
Crayola Crayon & (formerly Binney Smith)
The Daily (%: Michael de Jong)
Andrew Holmes (UK & Northern Ireland)
Yahoo Greetings with American Greetings
MSN Greetings with American Greetings
My Daily

(For starters) as others have appeared in previous years.

Truly, the amazing issue hre is that these people/corporations have NO idea about what Copyright Infringement is. But my attorneys are hot on their Trail and like the GREED that brought Wall Street down and the global economy to a relative halt, they will not get away with this. The evidence has been mounting the last 18 years since I began:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity (C)1990.

They will get their just rewards. This HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE will outlive them and their SIN-ister Methods of STEALING.

In the meantime, to keep with the Theme of my INTERNATIONAL THANK YOU DAYS (C)1994/5/6/8, I am grateful this year for the following that quickly come to mind:

1) My excellent health

2) My continuous crative Streak that is portrayed here in my blog, KOOPERSMITHin (R) and the creation of now more than 1,900 HOLIDATES, making me undecidedly Hallmark's greatest competition for years now although I've always considered my writing in a class of their own.

3) Farmers who get my Food to me and the Shops & Grocery Stores in which I purchase these tasty morsels that allow me to pursue other activities instead of tending to the Harvest.

4) Libraries (those magnificent institutions) whose doors are open as a safe haven for the flourishment of my creativity. And, of course, those Librarians themselves who are considered 'Our first Search Engines.'

5) Special friends and you know WHO you are.

6) My bike repair man and his family who have made the Act & Art of bike-riding a family affiar for over 60 years now. The Shop is located within a 3-minute walk of my home. He has been a symbol of exercise for boys & girls (now adults and grandparents) for the last 60 years.

7) My Tuesday Writer's group that offers ways for members to think outside the 'box of #2 pencils.'

Every day is one in which we should be thankful. for those inquisitive, this HOLIDATE is dedicated to my Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Lucille Fritz who aided me greatly in my Creativity as a 5-year old in Mendota, Illinois circa 1957 at Blackstone Grade School. She did not live long enough to see the Event begin and become one of the most plagarized Writings on the Internet, but I am sure she would be proud knowing that she (even in death) is remembered and deeply thanked throughout the decades. The original:

(which is 40 pages in length)

is now archival. Each of my 1,900 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE (that falls into 39 specific categories & classifications) is accompanied by a HOW-TO PROPERLY CELEBRATE SAID HOLIDATE.

As for those who are stealing my prolific writings: So they want to be ROCK STAR Writers and can't write a word; can't create as I do...and think they can get away with it. Not for long...

"Be's a Realization few utilize until it's too late..."

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