Thursday, January 22, 2009

THROW ME A BONE Day ©2009 - When in Doubt, eventologize. Quote of ASK.

Chicago, IL USA: You could not have found a happier or more enthusiastic Person than when GOOD MORNING AMERICA (ABC/New York City) interviewed actress Viola Davis for her Oscar Nomination in 'Doubt.' There was no Doubt about her Happiness which really was a 'shake-up' call for any of those who wake up groggy, cranky or unappreciative of what a New Day potentially offers. In her excitement she thanked Oprah Winfrey who decided not to take the Role by saying that she:

"threw me a Bone."

And with that Opportunity, Viola ran with The Role and now is becoming a Household Name and pursuing her Art. Certainly (as History has noted) others have been given their BIG BREAK in countless of ways. Certainly others have not gotten their BIG BREAK yet. Certainly others are 'on the verge' of breaking BIG. Others are not even concerned about Breaks, be they little or big ones. It's all dependent on what's on your menu and schedule. However, for those who need a Break and for those who do offer the Ability to GIVE A BREAK, today is eventologically set aside and marked as:

THROW ME A BONE Day ©2009.

Reaching out and seeing that another's Dreams are coming true is certainly the Mark of a foresighted and unselfish Person. There's 'NO DOUBT' about that. And just like the Family Dog, getting an additional Treat - a Bone -- does (un-DOUBT-edly) brighten up 'The Moment.'

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