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GORF - "The Icon of The Green Movement" turns 4 Today!

Chicago, Illinois USA: Well, it doesn't take alot to turn 4 years old. All is needed is the Passage of 1,461 Days or 25,064 Hours and then you've arrived. That is, IF you are a Human Being. However, there are other Species 'out there' yet 'amongst us' that far surpass a few Decades, Centuries or even Millenniums of living Life. That's just the way Evolution proceeds. One Species that immediately comes to mind is the Amphibian Family - namely THE FROG -- who by clocked Standards is 217,000,000 years old. That's a Lot of Time spent on The Planet, a Planet (The 3rd Rock from The Sun) that is and was 'totally' different than it was Today, or as is said in their Special Kingdom


different that Life in the 21ST Century.

REFLECTIONS IN GREEN: Slipping back to the Morning of Friday, January 28, 2005, I distinctively remember shopping at the local Walgreens on Broadway & Bryn Mawr in Chicago. A Friend had given a Christmas Gift Card to me and I was aiming to spend it on a discounted January Sale Item. However, I got sidetracked in the TOY Section and that would be the Turning Point of my Creative Career and The Green Movement. Some Things are just 'meant to be.' This was when I spotted on the top shelf a Mass of Toys. Standing out from 'The Crowd' was an orange and green plush Toy FROG with a wide Smile that would make the Cheshire Cat's 'small' by comparison. I found myself immediately smiling. As an ardent Toy Collector (who still has my Toys since Birth), I had never seen a Toy with that Amount of Charisma, Appeal and Animal Magnetism. I was physically stopped in my very steps by that Grin. I was stopped me at once. There was something 'working' here that could transcend more than being a TOY. I pulled him off 'the shelf' and raced to the cashier, FROG in arms.

Being a Wordicologist by profession and a PRAMologist (one who enjoys the Art & Act of Public Relations - Advertising - Marketing), it seemed perfectly OK that his Name should be GORF which is FROG spelled 'back-words.' Simplicity is best. And, most celebs are known by short, cute and sweet one-syllabic Names. That unexpected Encounter would start The Wheels into Motion, a non-stop Endeavor that would be known as:

GORF Werks Central ®

where GORF would have a secured Eventological Holidate set aside for him called:

(running from) 2006-2016
with GORF officiating.

Under this Time Allotment, GORF would be addressing specific Campaigns that needed assistance.


The Presents one gets on One's Birthday are discernible by what the Species is. Pet Owners get their Dogs, Bones; their Cats receive Catnip; Birds get a Mobile Swing; Hamsters get an Exercise Bar. However, for TOY Frogs their Message can be best expressed by whoever their Owner is. Granted the Velocity and Intensity that GORF has received the last 1,461 Days would not have come about IF I had not found him and decided he should be(come):

'Chicago's First Green Mascot'
'Illinois Foremost Goodwill Toy Ambassador'
'America's Greenest Mascot'
'Mankind's Most Beloved Toy'
'Nature's Greenest Creature' &
'The Icon of The Green Movement'

Then within no time flat (4 years if you need a Number attached), the following Creative Projects catapulted (or should We redefine that to: FROG-apulted) GORF as Volumes were penned and Photographs (ie: photoGORFs) were snapped. That Listing includes:

GORF's First Manual entitled:
The Making & Marketing of a Pop Icon featuring:

GORF (The 24.5” Plush Stuffed Toy FROG with the 11” Grin)

a) BOB-bing For Love ©2005

b) GORF’s Poetry Book ©2005

c) GORF’s Recipe Cookbook featuring FROG Legs ©2005

d) The GORFictionary ® ©2005-2006

e) GORF-isms: Book of Ribbiting Quotes ©2005

f) The GORF Code: A 950 Page Manuscript of Strategies focused on the International Marketing Promotional Aspects of Pop Culture through The Eyes of GORF ©2005

g) GIA: GORF-In-Action Photographs (ie: photoGORFs). 2005 – Present

h) Mytho-GORF-y ®: Classical Fairy Tales about GORF and his Animal Friends penned by ASK & ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER, KEEPERS OF THE FROG, GORF from 2006-2016 eventologically slated as: The Decade of the FROG with GORF officiating

i) GORF-O-Metrics ® ©2005. GORF + Isometrics. How to bike your Way into Optimal Health with GORF, ADRIENNE & ROBERT

j) GORF’s CAR-MA ® ©2006k) Celebrating GORF-O-Ween ® ©2005 with Count GORF-ula on GORF-O-Ween (formerly known as Halloween). Bella LaGORFy Booklets are produced each October.

k) Introduction of 10 new GORF-inspired HOLIDATES for 2007 (adding to other ASKian Eco Events)

l) GORF’s Black & White Coloring Book ©2006

m) ECO-GORF: Writings about the Crisis of Global Warming as seen through The Ruby Red Orbs of GORF, a Species that has inhabited Earth for 217,000,000 years. GORF is poised and promoted as Chicago’s Green Mascotoy ® (Mascot + TOY = MascoTOY ®)

n) Signs of Our Times: GORFian Posters & Handbills as seen on ABC, NBC & CBS.

o) GORF’s Reasons For The Seasons: Countdown Till Spring, 2007

p) The Art Mediums of CollaGORF, ® GORF-iti ® & photoGORFy ®

q) GORF’s Paper Doll Costumes. Thirty (30) Haute Couture Outfits that could turn any FROG into a Prince or vica versa.

r) GORF's Water Conservation Book.

s)GORF's Dental Book with a Photo Section with Dr Parrot, DDS.

t) GORF meets ET-BEE for the Opening of Jerry Seinfeld's BEE Movie: October, 2007.

u) GORF's Green Compilation Manual: Highlights from 2005-2008. Release Date: July 12, 2008.

v) GORF explores Modern Sculpture during KP's RedBall Project.

w) GORF & The Shedd-Heads rock-out at The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

x) GORF attends The Green Fest at Navy Pier: 2008. Meets Mayor Richard M. Daley. May 17-18, 2008. GORF also attends City-wide Parades and other Cultural Events across Chicago.

y) GORF attends the 50TH Air & Water Show & listens to Gary Senise and the Lt. Dan Band live on August 15, 2008.

z) GORF (along with his GAPH Pals) institute ASK's FAUX FUR FRIDAYS ® that are held throughout 2009 (on every Friday).

To repeat: The Presents received on One's Birthday are discernible by what the Species is. Granted most People do not celebrate their Toys' Birthdays as they do their pet dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. However, once you have met GORF, you'll see why his Day is as special as can be.

And with so much Literature completed in so short a time, it's now The Time to bring on those ribbting 4TH Year Festivities that will include GORF's Favorites as:

Fly a la Mode
Pork Fly Rice
French Flies and Slices of Key Fly Pie...

CONTACT GORF for Appearances, Interviews, etc. at:


Posted by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Keeper of The FROG, GORF

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 10:17 AM CST

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