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Abe Lincoln's 200TH B-DAY BASH coincides with Koopersmith's LOST PENNY DAY (C)1995


Chicago, IL USA.

The Day & Date have finally arrived. For most Americans and Historians who are 110 years or younger, they have had this Event in the back of their minds for the last century. 'IT' being the 200TH BiCentennial Celebration of our beloved 16TH President, Abraham Lincoln who called Illinois his Home for several years of his all-too-short life.

As a Fan of 'The Man' since a Youth, to honor him in 1995, I created:


a Holidate in which Pennies that are LOST and subsequently FOUND are given to charity, shelters, etc. Now, in its 15TH Year, to honor President Lincoln, the entire Month has been temporarily changed to:

Lost Penny Month (C)2008

in order to celebrate and commemorate the contributions Mr. Lincoln had made. In 2010, it will again be celebrated ONLY on the date of his Birth. Strides have been made and, of course, it seems appropo that the United States now has a Bi-Racial President in the White House. Lincoln would like that, I'm sure.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in 1809? What was it like for Mrs. Lincoln, Abe's Mother, to give birth 'back then?' Did she go to a hospital? Were diapers invented? Did Baby Abe attend day care? Did he dine on fast food when he was a teen? What would he think of an iPod, eMail or Blogs like these? Life in a Pioneering America had to have been much rougher and would not fit the pampered Life-Styles many of us have today. Even for those living in poverty, life in the 1800s was simpler, but harder than it is today, yet they survived.

Traveling week-after-week across the continental USA in a Conestoga Wagon would not be my idea of a good time, when today a jet can fly coast-to-coast in a matter of hours. Sleeping in a rustic log cabin with no real heat or indoor plumbing would not suit most people.

However, if it was not for the Strength & Fortitude of our Forefathers and people like Abraham Lincoln, we would not be where we are today. They laid the Foundation for the privileged Lives we lead, which is much more sophisticated and comfortable than that of even 100 years ago - let alone 200 years.

Progress in that Time Slot of 200 years has been made on every Front, in every Industry. Collectively, as a Body of Man, we should not lose sight of where we came from, but develop from there, every Day. There are still great Frontiers to pioneer and navigate. Presiding over your creative Future is a healthy Sign of a Wealthy Individual no matter what Generation he/she is rooted in.

Even with the global downturn and depressionary times that are happening across the World, the Message to read for People who are losing fortunes, homes, etc., is that we still have more than our Forefathers of 200 years ago had...but then, again, it's what's INSIDE and not OUTSIDE your Log Cabin, that counts and matters the most.


Limited Editions of the Booklet, HOW TO PROPERLY CELEBRATE LOST PENNY DAY (C)1995/2008 with an additional Chapter on President Abraham Lincoln's 200TH Birthday is available for $29.99 (including USA postage) by emailing me at:


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