Friday, February 13, 2009

Koopersmith's Intl Skeptics' Days ©96 collides with FAUX FUR FRIDAYS.

Chicago, IL USA: Again, I noticed on the Calendar that it's another FAUX FUR FRIDAY - the 7TH of the Year along with one of my older HOLIDATES, a floating Holidate, at that called:

International Skeptics' Days ©1996.

ISD doesn't happen often -- or often enough -- especially so in the Economy we are now living in where Unemployment centers are aflow with folks who have recently lost their jobs. They definitely have a right to be skeptical - after all, most of them will not be finding work any time too soon.

International Skeptics' Days ©1996 is slated for the Day an Election falls upon, for the explicit reason that most of us are skeptical of who is running and what they plan to pull and on Friday the 13TH...which happens no more than 4 times a varies and that makes it equally as attractive. A time for hi-jinks and pranks, there's always a Shroud of Mystery around Friday the 13TH, a great time to be skeptical if you aren't already.

As for FAUX FUR FRIDAYS, and the Blend it takes from ISD, the ongoing dilemma is that many people are skeptical as to IF they are really wearing Faux Fur or not. Some cannot decipher if the Material they are wearing is real pelts or the preferred Faux Fur that saves Wildlife and makes its wearer look just as attractive, while saving the Environment from experiencing more Cases of Extinction.

The Two HOLIDATES blend together in an interesting manner. And, for the Thread that flows through them, it makes for more Faux Fur Food For Fodder.

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Friday, February 13, 2009 - 11:02 AM

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