Friday, February 20, 2009

Intl Year of Astronomy: 2009...400 years in The Making...

Chicago, IL USA:

Everybody wants to be a Star, but in reality, We all are. There were Stars so many years ago before White-Out, iPods and the invention of the Phone, it’s nice to look back and see how far We’ve come.

And on that note and opening, I would like to inform you (as you probably already know) 2009 marks the 400TH Anniversary of the Telescope...and Galileo was the Personality who set the pace for us to become as ‘Stellar’ as We are.

FURTHERMORE: Hailing from Illinois, it is a proud year here as we are celebrating the 200th Birthday Celebration of our 16TH President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln who lived and worked here before he journeyed to Washington, DC. The same Stars that shown down on Honest Abe, as it did on Galileo still brighten up our Nights. There’s nothing more glorious than stepping outside on a moonlit night and seeing the STARS.

Since Mrs. Obama is making the White House ‘The People’s House,’ people (of all ages) from across our World may like to come in for a week-long Celebration of this Historical as well as Scientific Event. There is a Global Celebration happening April 2-5 already. By having the White House participate in this once-in-a-lifetime Event – by perhaps inviting famous Astronomers coming in to talk to THE PEOPLE as well as hosting Science Fair Exhibits that deal with Astronomy – a great time could be had by all. To further the process, essays could be written by Students attending that would be made into a book -- or placed online so the Event would be immortalized.

Because 2009 is earmarked as:

IYA is the International Year of Astronomy

this definitely is a Concept that has the Backing of so many Enthusiasts, whether they are professionals – amateurs – young or old. We all live under the same star-studded skies that we shared with our Ancestors and that will be shining down brightly in the Millenniums ahead. This Event could change the Course of many People seeing a Career in Astronomy for starters alone.

And with this emailed Note, I am hoping that THE WHITE HOUSE will hold this Event (April 2-5 which is the Time many organizations are kicking off The Event) that has set The Pace of our Understanding with the Universe and what lies behind our Earthly Planet called ‘Home.’


For more info on this once-in-a-lifetime Commemoration, go online at:

How do you spell: A-s-t-o-u-n-d-i-n-g-?

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