Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coraline on Valentine's Day Weekend: The Best in 3D Footage.

Chicago, IL USA:

Coraline definitely was a great Valentine's Day Present - having just seen the FLICK on Sunday, February 15TH.

CUTTING TO THE CHASE: My Date and I were most impressed with:

the 3-D Footage;

the detail on the character's faces;

the cat's voice;

the colors of the haunted mansion; and

the juxtapositions of the 2 different Realms.

At one point, the Storyline about appreciating your Parents for their Basic Good tugged at my heart, but CORALINE was more of an Action Adventure and a thrill to see how grotesquely decaying the 'Other Mother' had become.

Usually 'young gal characters' as Coraline have STARS in their eyes, there was no overt symbolism why buttons were used for Eyes, but that's OK: That's how the story was written.

Surprisingly, that night or since, I did not have any Nightmares over any of the Plots, perhaps because it was Animation and not 'real' People. All in all, CORALINE, undoubtedly, will go down in Film History as a top 3-D Movie, breath-taking as it was.

I didn't particularly identify with any of the Characters (as I had with Toto in The Wizard of Oz and the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Blunderland), but I enjoyed (on this Sunday Afternoon) the 3-D Effect - only showing that TEAMWORK & TALENT works each and every time.

The Poster in the lobby of the Cinema was confusing as We thought the Film was directed by TIM BURTON...since it said from the Director of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS(1993) and it did appear as his tell-tale Characters.

MY UNWARRANTED PREDICTION: By late October of 2009 in time for Halloween, I'm sure the next BUNCH OF BABIES BORN will be named 'Coraline.'

I definitely am recommending Coraline to my Friends and intend to read the book to see how Movie & Book relate.

THE ONLY PROBLEM IS: One (fans of the film who are not that techno-savvy) only wonder how they can buy the DVD if their Players at home are not 3-D rigged.

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