Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Biking. Its Benefits...ASK hits 1600 Mile Mark: February 9, 2009.

Chicago, IL USA: Today as I tip the Scale at my 'Sweet 16' & 40 & 1/2 Birthday Mark or Anniversary, it's finally good to see that I've 'made' 1600 miles on my Bike. As a year-long biking enthusiast who lost over 4 inches of baby-skin since 1997, my usual cycling score is 8-10 miles a day. However, with blizzard like conditions and weeks that produced below zero temperatures, Biking was out of the picture.

However, today at 9:55 AM at 7301 Ridge (Ridge & Chase in Chicago), I hit the 1600 mark since Memorial Day - May 29, 2008. As always, I highly recommend the Act & Art of Biking, no matter what model and make you choose to invest in. The Health Factor is at the top of the list, plus in Chicago where the Chicago Transit System demands $2.25 per ride (one way), that price is too expensive for the average person -- where average now means he/she does not even have full-time or 30 hours of work weekly.

Biking will get you to your destination, in shape...Today as I tip the Scale at 110 lbs...I'm proud to advise others that they, too, can give up the gas tank for a Bike or Trike.

You'll agree with me after only a few weeks on your new Transportation.

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