Friday, February 20, 2009


Chicago, IL USA: The colder it gets in Illinois, the more FAUX FUR Outfits are being purchased. This is the General Tendency of so many Women who are now used to dressing up in Layers. Even as the weather improves, the Prints and Patterns in FAUX FUR with its racy stripes, rosetets and combos, never go out of style. After all, Cheetahs, Jaguars and Oscelots wear these furs years round and they've been on the planet for (at least) 25 million years, eco-wise. FAUX FUR does magically set the Mood and Tone of looking dressed up while feeling 'at ease' in any room or in any given situation -- whether it's the boardroom or the bedroom.

And with that in mind, although Spring is just a month away, today to celebrate FAUX FUR FRIDAY, on my Drawing Board at STUDIO 1437 is my latest Garment Design...the combination of Spring Eyelet with Leopard Print. Within each Animal Rosette (the Spot or Dot of The Leopard) I have created an EYELET -- with carefully placed black lace stitching. It's asymmetrical, of course, and gives the Illusion of a fancy Shirt-Dress that can be worn 'as is' or with a ruby red body suit underneath -- for more of a Streamlined Apearance. Is it pretty enough to wear to the FAUX FURBALL on December 25TH...

It certainly is...and will make a Fashion Statement year round, no matter what the 'Holes' in the Economy say.

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