Friday, January 6, 2012

ASK on Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism & Intellectual Property: January 6, 2012.

ASK ON PROTECTING YOUR LITERATURE & YOUR RIGHTS: WRITERS BEWARE! Imagine this Scenario if you will, scene-by-scene. You work really, really hard – possibly Decades over a Project (that is fully copyrighted via the Library of Congress) only to wake up one morning & find that someone (who heard about it via your methodical promotional efforts) decided to claim it as their own and make it into a Prime Time TV Commercial without giving Compensation &/or Credit to you? Where is that Audience going to go to find out WHO the real Genius is while this ‘Group’ sits back & cashes in on a Writing that is legally not theirs?

Well, Folks, guess what? That happened to me. Let this FB Note serve as a Notice. It’s extremely important to protect AGAINST those who are outright Thieves with no Conscience and Morals. The Key Terms: Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property & Plagiarism need to be kept in the front of your forehead, always.
Because this unscrupulous Group used all the major Medias in which to promote themselves, I have tracked them all down, leaving an overt paper-trail that is easy to pick-up and (so) easy for an(y) Attorney to investigate.

My Goal (which will set a Precedence in Internet Annals) now is ‘The Obvious.’ Writers & Authors (as well as Writer’s Magazines, Talk Show Hosts & Journalism Classes) should make it a Point to be on the Outlook for this new Variety of Internet Robbery.

For additional Info on my News (that can protect you from Future Harm) & Updates on my ‘Case,’ you may contact me directly at FB here or my Blog, Koopersmithin’® at:


Jan. 6, 2012 - 4:36 PM CST


Johan said...
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Dylanarman said...

It is a Plagiarism and intellectual property must be kept in front of the forehead, always.

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