Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on: The ANT Books & Flicks: January 10, 2012

ASK’s ANT-ified UPDATE: Ani-MAY-tion Month Intl ©2010 (known as AMI) is coming along as we rock into 2012. AMI is going along as planned. Nearly all of the ANTS of iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2010, the Script I penned that beat out 3164 others in a Hollywood Screenplay Competition have been ‘charactered’ to my exact liking. That I like. And: I like that a lot since I’m a perfectionist on how they be portrayed. The Story is now in 2 Parts so that the Sequel can expose more about their Ways. On February 14TH, a val-ANT-ine Day Card will be hoisted and posted showing the Strides we’ve made so far! More as more gets done.

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