Friday, January 13, 2012

ASK on my 800TH Blog. Thankfulocity; Skeptimatics & Fauxisms. All in Day's Timely Events.

This is my 800th BLOG since November 2007:

EVENTOLOGICALLY-speaking there R 3 major HOLIDATES happening today besides the Traditional Ones. There’s Intl Thank You Day #3 of 8 where we stop and thank somebody somewhere for something that they may have done that we didn’t really acknowledge. This HOLIDATE was actually for my kindergarten teacher, Miss Lucille Fritz that taught me how to start creating. She was the 2nd person. The first is My Mom. However, in 1957, I was forced to go to kindergarten. Moms were not allowed That made me cry. Miss Fritz (this was before women began using the ‘Ms.’ Prefix) led me over to a chair and table, about 2 feet off the ground and set me down with a piece of paper & crayola. At which time, I totally LOST MYSELF in my drawings & whatever else I found ‘of interest.’ Thanks to Miss Fritz I’ve been LOST ever since. Then, I graduated from Kindergarten and never thanked her for that experience. Miss Fritz actually taught my Dad, younger bro and sister as well as myself. After my sister graduated she retired – having had enuf of ‘our family.’ Not that we were all cry-babies…So although it was 35 years after I attended Miss Fritz’s Kindergarten Class, I’m still thankful for what she provided. OK, U can stop crying now – although we can be thank-ful for Kleenex & Tissue today – esp. in the cold of winter when our noses run…and cars don’t.

Then, there’s INTL SKEPTICS’ DAYS ©1997 that deals with being skeptical. Many Skeptics Societies exist around the world – which are responsible for dispelling the quacks amongst us. Not that there are any quick quacks here on my Facebook page, of course, but for the most part they are astute scientists or those involved in disproving things that just don’t lay right, but are ‘promoted’ nonetheless. I had written a booklet on the subject matter and sent it out to all of them as I find the topic fascinating. Their Main Resource is found at: Now, ISD only occurs when there is a Friday the 13TH – therefore, there are never more than 4 in any given year – it’s considered a FLOATING HOLIDATE and can just pop up on your if UR not skeptically inclined. However, it does have one steady & sturdy date of November 4TH – the time of (an) election. I’ve been skeptical about candidates for years so this date also falls into the Skeptical Realm.

Then, of course, for all you fashionistas OUT THERE, there’s FAUX FUR FRIDAYS ©2008 which is self-explanatory. No small and fuzzy creature should be dying because you want real fur. The lines of faux fur are so incredible these days, many look even better than the animal they were patterned after.

As my Friend, DAN SHURE stated in a previous FB note he penned: I need to start celebrating and there must be at least six holidates just today I could be enjoying.

He’s WRITE U know, but gosh, I’m ready for a nap after just writing about those 3. There’s always tomoro to be thankful; skeptical and faux’d for! I smell lunch…

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