Saturday, January 14, 2012

From the CREATOR of Intl Thank You Days ©1994 - Day #4 for 2012.

INTL THANK YOU DAYS ©1994 is still here with us. Today, Saturday, January 14TH, 2012 is Day #4 if my math serves me write. It ought to. I created it; so it's just like ONE OF MY CHILDREN &/or TOYS since I have no human kids that I know of. Altho 1/2 of Today is over and it might be too late to thank someone - as it's noon here in Chicago - meaning it's Sunday 1/2 a world away from Chicagoland, USA, I am thankful for FACEBOOK. It's also a month before Valentine's Day so GUYS get ready to shop; be romantic & spoil your loved ones - pets, included.

As for myself, I am thankful I got to sleep in. After all, it is Saturday - a Day of Rest. Some Tribes don't even: WOTS: Work On The Sabbath. Lucky-Lucky-Them. And, the Post Office in this area of town is closing down; therefore, FB is the only really fast way to correspond with y'all. Yup, I have things to be thankful for besides those Ancient Sumerians who invented the Wheel & Languages that allow us to correspond so well...if they only knew...

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January 14, 2012 - 12:04 PM CST


INTL THANK YOU DAYS ©1994 is still here w/us, Folks. I am thankful for High Technology today becuz I needed help on sentence & since it's nice over here in the City that rocks, Chicago & nobody is home, I wrote to a dear friend - a Literary Agent out on the East Coast to help me brush a thought up. DID HE? Yes, he did - he even used a Latin Word so I sound 'smart.' Yes, and for that I am THANK-full he is on my side as well as being smart and someone I can count on. I'm also thank-full for shameless plus like this one, where I get to show-off one of my photos that I took of DAH FROG -- GORF, as found in my GOING GREEN ChicaGORF literature, books and even on my blog. That reads as: U can now read more about this Popular HOLIDATE that I created @: Good Night, Folks - tomoro is another day...I'm sure I'll find something to be thankful about...

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