Monday, January 23, 2012

Pringles: ASK not what your Chip can do for you, ASK how many Chips you should eat per Meal. Pringles to The Rescue

It honestly took me 59 years to figure this out, but it’s a Revelation that hit me at 5:10 PM CST today. A Potato Chip Revelation that’s well worth its WEIGHT in time. It started out like this.

THE SCENARIO STARTED LIKE THIS: I moseyed down the CHIP aisle @ Jewel-Osco this afternoon and what caught my eye was a $ale. Save Money. Eat large. I somehow forgot to eat breakfast & lunch. Famished was the word. I spotted 3 tall canisters of PRINGLES was on $ale for $5. To me, that was a Salty-Deal well-worth considering. And then, all of sudden I spotted them in such an Array of Tastes, I quickly pulled my top 3 which are flavored as: Sour Cream & Onion –BBQ & Multi-Grain with Cheesy Cheddar.

Then tonight @ supper as I grabbed the BBQ can I happened to decide to read the label which read that there are 6 servings per container – and that would equate to 150 calories for those of you (and that has always included me) who count Calories. For 54 of my 59 years I’ve sampled about every variety of Potato Chip that’s been made, but they are so hard to take an accounting (of).

I remember once when I was 6 I made the first Potato Chip Sandwich. 2 pieces of which bread and a few layers of Chips. They were kind of hard to get your mouth around, but I thought the taste was a new taste-sensation. Sure those small bags of chips have a ‘count’ - several hundred calories, but with PRINGLES that are perfectly formed, all U need do is take them from the container, divvy them up 6 ways, count your calories & there you have. It could not be simpler. And the way they are all fashioned being the SAME, they are much easier to handle.

Pringles are a delicious taste without worrying about over-indulgence. I became fascinated with this as much as my Potato Chip Sandwich that occurred to me over 50 years ago. And the fact that you can have a WHOLE CHIP – nothing broken up or shriveled up – that’s found in so many other different BAGS OF CHIPS.

That’s 1 of my Perks of my job of being an EAT-ventologist ™. Somebody’s got to count their CHIPS and eat them, too! And, yes, for a Revelations and/or Run-Down like that a year’s supply of free Pringles sounds good enuf to eat. Send them on over!

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January 23, 2012 -- Early 6 PM Hour

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