Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From the Creator of Intl Thank You Days ©1994 - Screens & Betty White...for Starters!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 is quickly drawing to a close, but I must say that it marks the 7TH Day of Intl Thank You Days ©1994. I can honestly say I am so thankful for getting this Dissertation nearly done. It grew from 2 Words last Week to 11,909 & is shaping up wonderfully. I’m even surprised & it takes LOTS to surprise me. Can U imagine if I had to write this with pencil or crayon! My hands and arms would be pulsing. Writing via a Computer is the greatest Invention & I’m so thankful that We live in a day & age when that’s possible. Thank our Lucky Stars, too. Uncle Roger knows a lot about the Stars, he’s a stellar sort of Dude!
I’m also thankful for BETTY WHITE who celebrated her 90TH Birthday last night. That’s when I hit the 10,117 mark on my Dissertation & I really needed somebody to crack me up. Betty & her Friends did just that. But I want to comment MORE on her 2-moro & what she stands for. Tracing this all back to its roots, I’m also thankful for Screens as the TV & Computer Screens made these 2 comments possible & easier. And on that note…I’m going 2 let U all B thankful as this Posting is only 242 long! That may B the biggest thing to be thank-ful yet during my Holidate known as INTERNATIONAL THANK YOU DAYS ©1994.

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