Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Schooling. It may be Chicago's only Chance to save HER Children.

ASK’s COMMENTS ON THE MAYOR’s STREAM – Rahm Emanuel – Chicago, IL USA: - The Topic that we all talked about was Education in Chicago. I had never participated in a forum like this before & it was totally engaging. It’s an infuriating topic when kids who are not wealthy or affluent don’t have access to a quality education. When some 50% of the kids in Chicago do not finish high school. What I had done was posted this earlier on my FB page here. I also emailed my MOTHER – who is my FIRST TEACHER and she participated by reading along for about 30 of 40 minute session. Yes, there was an easier day when quality education was available for most of us. What’s happening now is what I call THE DUMBING OF AMERICA & U see it all over – it’s deplorable. For a nation as great as America, this condition should never have EVER happened. Get involved with a local school in your area. Tutoring is an avenue we can all take. The return of vocational schools is fundamental also. As I concluded with: It’s teams of People who are concerned about the KIDS & their Education that will make that difference – We have to start that: NOW!

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EDITORIAL: Above notes taken from Rahm Emanuel's Live Stream of:
Monday, January 23, 2012 - re: Educating Chicago Students
AND what must be done!

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