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From The Creator of Adrienne's Day International ©2001 -# 11 - January 23, 2012. Thank you, Eric Zorn!

Celebrating Adrienne's Day International - #11 - as of January 23, 2012.
Rank & File with a Name above The Rest.
Initially printed in KOOPERSMITHin' - the Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Edition of:

Yo, Adrienne (Adrian, Hadrian! This Event has your Name written all over it. Celebrating Adrienne's Day International on January 23.

National Adrienne Day ©2001
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’

Dateline: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upon the Holidate’s 8TH Year Anniversary in 2008 and now 9TH Year Anniversary as of August 23, 2009

UNIQUE NAMES RULE:The Name, Hadrian has a long, important and religious History. Six of the original 266 Popes (since the Year 32) that have graced the Halls of Christianity and Catholicism were bestowed with it. The Name crosses over and is classy enough for the non-religious sectors to claim as well. The name, Adrian or (H)adrian would soon branch off to cover ‘Adrienne’ (and its spicy derivating Alternates and Synonymic Spellings that include:

Adrianne,Adrean,Adriane,Adriene,Adrianna,Aydrienne,Hadrian,Hadriane andAdriaanas their own. Interestingly enough, ‘Adrienne/Adrian’ is one of the premiering Unisex Names in History although Unisexuality really did not kick-in or pick-up till the 1960s. That Topic will be covered in another Issue of KOOPERSMITHin’ ®.We go through Life with Names and then Numbers attached to our Selves. Those standards are: telephone numbers, social (in)security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers, heights and weight figures, dates and anniversaries, street addresses and even our ages are all computed numerically. Through all the haze comes a really hip, elegant, stylish, sophisticated and stand-apart Name that is encompassed in only 3-syllables.

That is: Adrienne, a name in all its Variations that sound and look good.RESEARCH BEFORE GOOGLE ®:In the 1960s before Doctor Spock hit the Airwaves while ‘Growing Up Koopersmith,’ I referred to Baby Name Books to discover more about my First Name. The Name basically intrigued me. The Statement published said that ADRIAN was Italian in Origin and its Definition was ‘Man of the Sea’ while its Feminine Version, spelled out as ‘Adrienne’ stood for ‘Woman of The Seacoast.’ Most likely it was named after the Adriatic Sea surrounding Italy (located west of the Boot).

However, for me (personally), I found the Name most ironic (yet beautiful to say and write) as I was born a Fire Sign under Leo, The Lion and could not swim. Never-the-less, I wasn’t about to change it since the ‘A’ in Adrienne stood for my Great Grandmother ‘Anna’ Teitelbaum and was a Tribute to her.Now as I google ‘Adrienne,’ that Definition is not written anywhere in sight or on-site, except now on My BLOG, KOOPERSMITHin’ ®, where it will happily rest.As the Assignee or Recipient of ADRIENNE DAY ©2001 that falls on January 23RD, for 2008 upon its 7TH Year Milestone, I have taken the liberty to change its proper Name or Title to:


This methodic Move will now include every Adrienne and its Derivatives (including Males) outside the Shores of The United States of America to celebrate and commemorate the Holidate ®.

For those of you who are unaware, a HOLIDATE is derived from the 2 Terms:

Holiday + Date = Holidate

and is described as a ‘Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual, Fun-Time and Fun-Type Event or Holiday.’

ADRIENNE's DAY INTERNATIONAL ©2008 is only one of over 1,500 more 'Holidates To Celebrate' in:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990.

TO CONTINUE: The Challenge, of course, is to inform each and every Adrienne and its Derivatives (including Males), but plans to ‘work’ this Holidate have been on the Drawing Board since its Inception. KOOPERSMITHin’ ® will be used as Adrienne Central.Today is the Day for all Adriennes (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) to celebrate even if you were not born on January 23RD.

It’s an Art to live up to such a fine, historically enriched name but throughout History few Adriennes have let us down. At times like this, we’re pleased that History does repeat itself in a positive manner.The Name, Adrienne is memorable. It’s classically defined. It crosses the Atlantic and from Europe and glides to the Pacific Ocean clearing the South Pacific Brim. “Growing Up Adrienne” most likely will immediately separate a Kid or young Child in Grade and Grammar School from ‘The Pack’ which most often consisted largely of all the Anns, Cathies and Marys as well as the Pauls, Bills and Patricks in the classroom. Such was the case for me until I reached High School circa 1966 when ‘Adrianne D’ (to protect the Innocent) entered The System. I was no longer alone. Which Adrienne/Adrianne were they speaking about?

Inquiring minds wanted to know…IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING:

“To know an Adrienne is to love an Adrienne.”When polled, few People will admit they knew many ADRIENNEs during their Life(times), but may mention those (in passing) who have made a Big Name for themselves.


A random Sampling of noteworthy and/or famous Adriennes are:
Adrienne Adams, 20TH Century Writer
Adrienne Barbeau, Actress & Entertainer
Adrienne Choquette, Writer
Adrienne Clarkson, Governor-General of Canada
Adrienne Deverzy, Pre-20TH Century Artist
Adrienne Eisen, Writer
Adrienne Frantz, Actress & Entertainer
Adrienne Goodson, WNBA Professional Basketball Player
Adrienne Gormley, Writer
Adrienne Jansen, Writer
Adrienne Kennedy, Writer
Adrienne Lewis, Writer
Adrienne Martin, Published Author
Adrienne Rich, Poet & American Feminist
Adrienne Richard, Writer
Adrienne Shelly, American Actress & Film Director
Adrienne Simpson, Writer
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Eventologist & PRAM-ologist
Adrienne Thomas, Writer
Adrienne Vittadini, Euro-American Fashion Designer
Adrienne Wilkinson, Actress & Entertainer

WONDER OF ALL WONDERS: With the high-powered assistance of Google, type in the name ‘Adrienne’ and within a matter of 0.03 seconds, 11,600,000 Adriennes will electronically appear, thus networking us as quickly as possible.Perform an Advanced Search and 984,000 more Hits appear. The Search can grow more intense as additional Key Words are employed.

School Teachers may want to undertake PROJECT: ADRIENNE ® as a Class Assignment with their Students as the consistent Milestones Adriennes (and her spicy derivating Alternates and Synonimc Spellings of Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) have secured and proven century-in and century-out stand apart both online and off.A Lesson as that can prove to be extremely interesting while opening doors along the ways to pursuing higher Education, Academic Excellence, inspiriing Growth and Learning.

“Plowing thru 187,000 Hits for the Name, Adrienne (per Google on January 20, 2008 at 2 PM), you would instantly believe (without a single doubt) that it was the most popular Name in the Milky Way Solar System. However, it is not in a disparaging way. Around my Household and in my Life & Realm, Adrienne ranks and rates as #1. Understandably other Adriennes would agree with me.”Quote of: Adrienne Sioux KoopersmithTuesday, January 22, 2008The 1990 U.S. Census reported that Adrienne is a very popular Female First name but is seldom a Surname.

The Concerns around Adrienne is that We are always known by our First Name much like Cher, Madonna, Oprah and Hillary. ‘Impressionable’ is what Scholars label it. ‘Monumental’ is what many Adriennes wish and plan to do FOR and DURING their Lifetimes. Remembering them from The Past to The Present to The Future maintains a constant Air that other commonplace names cannot hold a Candle or live up to.


On January 23 of 2001 (slightly 7 months before Terrorism struck American Cities), I was deeply honored when Eric Zorn) one of Chicago’s prominent Columnists and a Member of the Chicago Tribune Staff chose to dedicate a Day and Date to me for the 1,500 HOLIDATES and Eventology Writings I had created since July 25, 1990. This Act(ion) was similar to having a Star named after you or a commemorative Stamp unveiled. Because Eric picked January 23 (1/23) as:


I feel sharing that Tribute with other Adriennes is the appropriate and typically very Adriennesque next proper Step to take in its Evolution. It’s wise. It’s prudent. There is Power in Numbers. Who doesn’t like to receive a Distinction?


Naturally, Celebrations can run ‘The Gamut’ depending on how lavish the Event is to become. Suggestions from ‘My Inner Adrienne’ tell me to hold an International Convention in Adrian, Michigan in 2009 so We can get a Grip on the Essence of Everything Adrienne. After all, Fellow Adriennes (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) will agree that:“We have come a long ways, Baby!”since the antiquated Days of the Hadrian Popes.Thanks to Eric Zorn’s Designation: “We have arrived full Circle.”From that initial Convention or Conference,

an ADRIENNE-O-PEDIA ©2001-10

can be written of which I could, should and would act as Editor-In-Chief. Every enrolled Adrienne (and her/his Derivative) would have a Booth in which to Adrienne-icize their Wares, Cares, Campaigns, Interests and Contributions they have given to Society.

January 23RD is the Date in Calendrical Time for all Adriennes (no matter how the Name is spelled to celebrate their Name’s rich Heritage. Additional Exposure, Fun & Opportunity await each Adrienne. Restaurants should give us a sizable discount after showing a valid I.D. Other Retail Freebies should be enacted to draw in the Adrienne ‘Vote of Approval’ for this highly special Day.

RANKING THE NAME: When Numbers seem to make an Impact“Rankings of our Name do not really matter as We prefer the Name keeping its uniqueness. Babies can be born consistently; however, few grow up to be(come) a tried and true Adrienne.”

Quote of: ASK
Sunday, January 20, 2008 - 1:37 PM


Claiming Credit for the Creation of the Name, ADRIENNEThe Fight is on:Five (5) different Meanings of the Name, Adrienne are:

1. From Hadria (a Person hailing from Hadria located in Northern Italy)

2. Day of Fire

3. The Calling

4. Woman of The Seacoast

5. Man of The Sea

SEA-ing is Believing:The Adriatic Sea is a Section of the Mediterranean Sea, a Body of Water dividing the Balkan from the Italian Peninsula. The Name can be traced back to the Times of Antiquity with the Ancient Romans’ Latin. ‘Adria’ (or Hadria) (as a term) is most likely sourced from the Illyrian word, adur denoting ‘Sea or Water.’ Correlating Medieval Latin’s terms are Adriaticum, Hadrianus and/or Hadriaticum.“All Names have Meanings. Some of us grow into our Names. Some of us don’t. Folks should not be named until they are between the Ages of 13-15 to make sure that their Name is befitting of their Character and Attitude. Quality, not quantity is what the Core Value is here.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 – 3:23 PM

Probably no other name in Contemporary Times has so many Off-Shoots as Adrienne. A large Range of Names exists because of the Similarity of Languages, Tribes and ongoing Migrations when People travelled and spread across The Planet during the Age of Exploration. For thousands of years, this Breaking of Barriers (through nomadic expeditions, conquests, via the Crusades, etc.) became the Sources of these Multiple Name Origins where more than one Meaning and Spelling evolved in each Location.

ORIGINS OF ADRIENNE:The French meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ implies dark and emanating from the Adriatic Sea Region. The Female Name ‘Adrienne’ (ad-rienne, adri(en)-ne) is pronounced AY-dree-en. Adrian is its French Male Counterpart.The Greek Meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ with Adrian as a variant, connoting ‘dark and rich.’The Latin Meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ mean from the Adriatic Region and (again) dark.After infiltrating the major Languages of Ages ago, it would not take long for The Saints to have their own Days. According to the Google Nation, ‘Adrian’ is the Patron Saint of Soldiers and Butchers.What’s Good for The Goose is Genteel for the Gander: Exploring the Male Side:It’s a Name that’s as good for the Goose as it is for the Gander.

In Poland, Germany, Russia, Romania and English-speaking Countries, Adrian is the Masculine Gender. Pronunciations are different, of course, but the Root can be traced to earlier French, Latin and Greek Names.ADRIENNE GOES GLOBAL:Just how popular is the Name, Adrienne. Let’s take a look at five (5) important Adriennic Timelines and Locations for the Name.261ST - as a Woman’s Name in Canada (BC) circa 2001Personally, I cannot think of 260 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Canada.

389TH - as a Female Name in Australia (NSW) circa 2000

Personally, I cannot think of 388 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Canada.

449TH - as a Woman’s Name in Australia (NSW) circa 2003Personally, I cannot think of 448 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Australia.

706TH - as a Female Name in Australia (NSW) circa 1998

Personally, I cannot think of 705 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Australia.

3,016TH - as a Woman’s Name in Belgium circa 2002

Personally, I cannot think of 3,015 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Belgium.“Interestingly enough, from the 5-Tier Listing above, the Evidence leads us conclusively to believe that Adriennes live in the USA, Canada, Australia and Belgium although the Name itself is Greek, Latin and French in Origin. With Starvation, Terrorism, Homelessness in our World, Global Warming and a medley of unconquerable Diseases plaguing complete societies, is it really that important to rank Names? For the sake of Pop Culture, it is. For the Survival and Duration of The Species, apparently not.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 –10:23 AM CST


Scores of Hospitals must be visited to arrive at these Statistics:In 2005, Adrienne ranked as 728THIn 2000, Adrienne ranked as 529THIn 1995, Adrienne ranked as 408THIn 1990, Adrienne ranked as 240THWithin fifteen (15) years, ADRIENNE (as a Name) has fallen 488 Popularity Points.Perusing the Decades, for me, it’s ‘of interest’ to see that when I was born in August of 1952, ADRIENNE reached its Peak of Popularity.

Adrienne ranked in as 335TH from 1990 – 1999.
Adrienne ranked in as 189TH from 1980 – 1989.
Adrienne ranked in as 201ST from 1970 – 1979.
Adrienne ranked in as 342ND from 1960 – 1969.
Adrienne ranked in as 336TH from 1950 – 1959.
Adrienne ranked in as 432ND from 1940 – 1949.
Adrienne ranked in as 405TH from 1930 – 1939.
Adrienne ranked in as 633RD from 1920 – 1929.
Adrienne ranked in as 730TH from 1910 – 1919.
Adrienne ranked in as 699TH from 1900 – 1909.

An active and concerted effort to improve the Visibility of all Adriennes since the Name’s popularity has been waning and has fallen ‘hard’ since 1990. Therefore, to insure that Adrienne ranks higher for The Decade of 2000-2009, an active campaign – even one via word-of-mouth – should be launched towards Couples giving Birth to Twins. Therefore, the Girl Baby can be called Adrienne and her Brother, Adrian. With high rates of fertility, that move alone would substantially increase Adrienne’s Popularity up the Scales.'I' BEFORE 'E':

CONCLUSION: For all the Effectiveness, Skill, Creativity, Production and Color an Adrienne adds to a Day, We deserve our very own Day and January 23RD is it. Thanks to (Mr.) Eric Zorn, he has given us our Day in the Sun. Although I may be firmly biased in my Stand, my Inclination towards my First Name Adrienne is three-fold in nature as:

1. 'Adrienne' was my Mother’s Best Friend’s Name in grade school;

2. 'Adrienne' is a Name given to me honoring my Maternal Great-Grandmother, Anna, thus keeping the Genealogy in line(age); and

3. 'Adrienne' consistently reminds me of my 3 favorite Action Words: Adventure, Adrenalin & Advertising that I have harmoniously woven into my Lifestyle. Adrienne – in all its breadth, depth, length, glory and history – beats out being given another lackluster Number that needs to be memorized. My Salute becomes your Salute in Namesake alone.”

Quote of: ASK
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 – 1:09 PM CST

CONTACT INFO:For more Information about Club: Adrienne, Adrienne's Day International Greeting Cards ©2001-2008 and/or to answer any of your particular Questions or Queries, merely eMail me at:


All Inquiries are answered within 24 hours of its receipt.



name=Adrienne, Adrienne, (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan), checkout the great Graph

at:’ll be glad you did.



All HOLIDATES ® (defined as ‘Intellectual Contexts and Contents’) are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission and Payment of First Time Rights of its Creator and Author:




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EDITORIAL NOTE: As of January 27, 2009, ASK's HOLIDATE COUNT EQUALS 1900+ (as previously listed on the above Text as: 1500 all-original Events).

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