Saturday, February 23, 2013

Attn: Avvo Intellectual Property Attorneys of Chicago. An IP Case of a Lifetime. Your Time to shine is now.

RE: Copyright Infringement, Misappropriation of Copyrighted Material, Plagiarism and Pirating.


Case #1:  The Smithe Brothers (namely Walter E., Timothy J & Mark) of the Itasca-based Furniture Chain consisting of 11 showrooms) stole my copyrighted Intellectual Property called National Smith Day ©1995 and used it as their own for a TV commercial broadcast on NBC Channel 5 that aired across 4 states without my permission; without acknowledging me and without payment from January 6-9, 2012.   I believe NBC can and should be sued for NOT CHECKING THEIR FACTS as to who owned that copyrighted material. 

Case #2:  In September of 2011, I introduced Skip Haynes, the songwriter of the popular Chicago hit, LAKE SHORE DRIVE (“LSD”) to the Smithe Brothers and wrote a series of TV scripts.  “LSD,” the song was celebrating its 40th Year Anniversary, therefore, as a Marketing Genius,  I thought it should be made into a commercial.  Haynes lived in California and did not know (of) the Smithe Brothers.  In an email (that I possess as part of my case), Haynes ‘promised’ to give me 10% if anything were to transpire from this  Transaction and/or Liaison, which it did. 

During the entire week surrounding Memorial Day of 2012;

the week surrounding Independence Day (July 4TH); and

the week surrounding Labor Day,

The Smithe Bros. again produced and  aired a Commercial (that I penned) in which they are seen driving the BATMOBILE and another hot vintage roadster down Lake Shore Drive, while Haynes’ 41 year hit tune, played in the background.  IF NOT FOR ME, this Commercial would never happened. 

I brought the 2 parties together;

I wrote the script.

I am fully responsible for its formation.


BTW:  To rent the Batmobile for a day costs $4,000, yet they never paid me a single cent.

Today, because of losing the profits, acknowledgment and exposure of that 29 full and solid day AIRING of my COPYRIGHTED INTELLECTUAL MATERIAL (concerning both Cases 1 & 2), I face an eviction from my apartment where I’ve resided for 22.5  years.  I may be ON THE STREET as early as February 28, 2013, in a few days.  I HAVE NO MONEY.  Yet, the MONIES and exposure the Smithe Bros. and Haynes received is insurmountable.

This is also an EVERGREEN COMMERCIAL that they will (undoubtedly) use again for Memorial Day, Independence Day & Labor Day of 2013. 

My Food Stamps (Link Card) registers at $92.  I need a savvy Intellectual Property Attorney to work my case PRO BONO and/or ON CONTINGENCY for me.  This is a very open-and-shut case as I have everything fully documented as it’s all been caught on TV and on the Internet. 

As a human interest story, I have posted several UPDATES on my dilemma since January of 2012, seeking help.  My latest Blog addressed to members of the Media (because Copyright Infringement is huge now, in part due to the Internet) is found on my BLOG at:

Because throughout the years, I have had write-ups in the Chicago Tribune & Chicago Sun-Times, staff members at those papers have been notified as well as every writer at the New York Times. I am building community to fight against COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. 

I would really appreciate your Legal Assistance in stopping the Smithe Brothers from doing any more damage to Literature and others material (as they have a reputation of stealing and plagiarizing) and in making Skip Haynes pay-up.

These 3 parties (The Smithe Brothers, Skip Haynes and NBC TV) have made a fortune off my COPYRIGHTED CREATIVITY, besides the time element in which I have taken to fulfill MY AMERICAN DREAM which they killed in 2012.  I do not deserve to be ALMOST HOMELESS because of them.  Please help. Thank you very much.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith


847-630-9201 - Cell


PS:  When I finally heard from Larry Wert, the General Manager/President of NBC-WMAQ in January of 2013, he ‘alluded’ to the fact that this Commercial was also aired on other TV Stations and that I should not ‘single’ his station out. 


Posted:  Saturday, February 23, 2013


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