Thursday, February 28, 2013

Koopersmith on Kevlar: “Don’t leave home without it.” Solving Chicago's VIOLENCE Epidemic - A Community Initiative.

 Koopersmith on Kevlar:  “Don’t leave home without it.” 
THE TOPIC:  Chicago Tonight’s Hour Long Crime in Chicago Segment.  Useful Pointers here from a self-sustained Crime Fighter: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.


Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 9:55 AM CST

Mr. Phil Ponce

Host:  Chicago Tonight

WTTW:  Window To The World - Channel 11
5400 N. Saint Louis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625-4698


RE:  Stopping the Crime Epidemic in Chicago

Dear Mr. Ponce:  An individual left home with his/her credit card (where this jingle initially came from) and often times was held up for it.  However, with Crime, Violence and Gun/Gang warfare at the highest it has ever been in the History of Chicago, wearing Kevlar is not a bad idea. 

I’m looking forward to this evening’ full hour dedication to this most pressing social issue that has caught ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ in its grip.

MY HISTORY:  Beat-up, robbed and left for dead in a pool of blood (my own) in the lobby of my apartment building on Mon., Dec. 23, 1991, I started a Comic Art Crusade called




that not only had comic artists and contributors (from around the GLOBE help me to TOON OUT CRIME©), but CAC received 3 Endorsements of President Clinton, Mayor Daley, Gov. Jim Edgar and other governmental notables from around the USA for my efforts in recruiting these people – as anyone anywhere can be(come) a crime victim – even if they are only 10 steps from their apartment, as I was.

However, my Incident happened over 20 years ago and Life in Chicago has not gotten any easier, nor has it improved.  Many of us are only living on borrowed time. 

What people do not understand is that with dwindling jobs and high unemployment; a steep discrimination & racism rate; a failed family structure and continuous gang recruitment, a typical kid has no other alternative than to JOIN A GANG that looks and is quite alluring.   

As a sociology major (having graduated magna cum laude from Washington University, a Top Ten University in  1974), I have found that if you are able to REACH a young person and offer him/her an alternative  such as:

sports – arts – music -  a passion that they grow to love  

they are more likely to pursue that PATH than to seek a life of crime.  Kids are savvy these days.  They know there are videos on each corner and in each convenience store.  Getting caught works in the benefit of law enforcement.  A life of crime shatters all their dreams.  HOWEVER, with the fiscal cliff  of January and sequestration (happening tomorrow); with schools closing and parents getting laid off or at dead-end jobs,



NOTHING. Being frightened that we cannot go out on the street is NO way to live. Consider the aging of Americans - the Babyboomers - as we grow older and frailer. That means our odds of becoming a TARGET increases exponentially each year. This is NOT a happy topic to think about YET, it needs to be addressed.

At the other end of the spectrum is our children and neighbor kids who cannot even attend school in fear of gangs and guns.


That, along with the fact that ruthless drug cartels from Mexico and South America are streaming in makes it all the more attractive to them to seek a life of crime that ultimately involves violence against Innocent Residents, whether they are urban or suburban in location.

“Saving Chicago(ans) may be too late.”

It definitely has been for the loved ones and innocent victims we have lost already.


I am planning on relaunching CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME ©1991 if I can find a benefactor – venture capitalist who can back this oppor-TOON-ity.   In the meantime, I remain on hand advising those about how to be safer in Chicago and around the globe via my Blogs and Social Networking Posts. 

As Mayor Daley told me and I paraphrase:  Together, we can work towards a better Chicago.  A positive attitude and being a ‘big brother/big sister’ to those less fortunate or those needing to be mentored is the first step that every person on every block MUST do in order to safeguard our ‘Kind of Town…’ 

I am extremely glad you are featuring this life or death topic as more and more people are migrating and moving out of Chicago, which is extremely sad…but it’s expected with growing stat(istics) like these. 

This program that you are airing tonight should become a regular feature spotlighting people who can help. I ‘d be happy to join forces with you with my 21 year expertise in this area of community involvement.


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Studio 1437

Chicago – Illinois USA


847-630-9201  - Cell

847-448-0544 – VM


Li: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

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