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Koopersmith releases: SKiN: Your First Introduction to The Book, The Script, The Odyssey.

Chicago, IL USA

On Sunday, October 5, 2008 upon my Selection by The Crew of the TV Series ‘She's Got The Look’ and being chosen as One of their Top 15 Contestants from a Pool of over 400 Chicago Hopefuls who had auditioned, a New Door was open to me…One that I had no Idea would lead me into The Role of being a Script Writer by May First: Today.

On that Fate-filled Day of Sunday, October 5, 2008, I wore a knee-length Faux Fur Leopard Coat, belted and extremely Sharp in Detail. With hardly a Stint of Make-up on (just a Splash of Mascara and Blush) and my waist-length Auburn Hair blowing in The Wind(y City, as Chicago is known by) Breeze, I became a Runner-Up and Girls, let me tell YOU: at Age 56, this was quite startling to say in the least and indeed an Ego-Booster.

But then, having never done Drugs in my growing up years as well as drinking, my Niche has always been to be in The Creative Arts. Riding my Street Bike (daily for approximately 8-10 miles since February 25, 1997) has ensured me with Optimal Health as my intention is to be ‘the Picture of Good Health’ any Age, which is one of my Goals.

Judge Robert Verdi immediately liked my Faux Fur Jacket and Battery of Spontaneous Answers that I gave. He leaped off the stage and tried The Coat on as well as played with my Hair saying he had never seen one person with so much Hair in his life - Hair that was 'all over the place, natural curls and all.'

LITTLE DID I KNOW: The Coat was soon to become the Turning Point of my Life as a few Days later I realized The Significance of not only ‘looking good’ since First Impressions do count, but also respecting Nature. Winter was soon to be settling in on Chicago (as We Chicagoans now have 3 Seasons), those being:

Winter & Potholes

And 1 of The Items Chicago Women (of all Monetary Means) knows and wears is FAUX all Prints, not only the Leopard Pattern that was the Favorite of the ‘She's Got The Look' Crew.

Due to this Event and what transpired afterwards, in early November, 2008, the Premise for Faux Fur Fridays ©2008 was commenced (as it has been outlined each Friday since January 2, 2009 'write here' in Koopersmithin' with heaps of Info, Stats and Facts that were gathered to entice more Folks to GO FAUX (FUR) that saves an Animal’s Precious Life and the Environment, all the while looking CHIC - Chicago Chic...(for starters)!

Because I am known as:

America's Premier Eventologist by Insight Magazine (Washington, DC) - August, 1997


The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World by the Chicago Tirbune (Chicago) - January 2001

this HOLIDATE was officially launched on Friday, January 2, 2009 and would be commemorated every Friday in 2009. With so many Individuals clothed in Faux Fur (not only in Chicago, but across the Planet), it was a delight to see and photo Folks as they dressed up in a Fabric that was once only available to Members of the Animal Kingdom.

THE CREATIVE CYCLE CONTINUES: Then, in January of 2009, it dawned on me that Faux Fur is the By-Product (or Buy-Product for those in Retail) of the most valuable Product of any one of us have and that is:


This Idea sent my Creative Prowess into overload and as of Today:
Friday, May 1, 2009 at 9:52 AM CST

I am proud to say that:

SKiN ©2009
The Book & Script

has been successfully completed and launched.

Its Premise is a very serious Topic: RACISM and getting along no matter what SKiN We are in. It is The Odyssey about how 10 Plush Toy Animals dissolve Racism as seen through their Eyes. Once reading this Tome, which has been likened to Shades of:

Alice in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass
Forrest Gump
The Phantom Tollbooth &
The Wizard of Oz

because all of the Characters step into another ‘Dimension’ to solve a Turbulence in their Life and/or Social Structure, it will eliminate any Racial Hatred, Bigotry and Prejudice that breeds in a Person or Community/Society. Wielding immense cross-over power as a Fairy Tale similar to AESOP's, both Adults and Children can grasp what the Message means and makes for fine reading literature for ages 4+.

Beginning on May 15TH, I will be starting to dissect each Scene (of a total 28) that will then be turned into ‘Cliff Notes’ for those seeking more of what is beyond the outer layer of SKiN.

One never knows what a Leopard Coat will lead us to...perhaps the Nobel Prize for Peace amongst all People with the Penning of:

SKiN ©2009.

Just think if I had only worn more mascara and blush!

Copies of SKiN ©2009 are available through this Blog by contacting me directly at:




Since I have eventologically slated May as National Marketing Month, the Original Plan is to 'sell' SKiN ©2009 as an Art Book for its first 11 Months until April 22, 2010 when the 40TH Year Anniversary of Earth Day arrives, at which time, The Book will be sold online and through major Book Stores.

For more Information or to interview me regarding the Complexities of SKiN, contact me directly for the real SKINny at the above eMail Addresses in order to set up a Time to chat.

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