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SKiN ©2009: The Script, The Book & The Odyssey: The May 3, 2009 Segment

Chicago, IL USA:

A few Friends have mentioned that SKiN's Name or Title may sound like a SKIN Flick, and with that Thought in mind, let's quickly get to the Real SKiNny on that Comment for the Third of 31 Installments on the Book, Script and Odyssey named:


The Answer (in a Word) is a scintillating (or SKiN-tillating) 'no!' Many times in our Daily Life, We are stumped and puzzled by Life Situations that arise...besides those things that go 'bump in the night.' These Happenings stop us in our Tracks and for a Moment, we have to stop in our tracks, (sometimes GASP), regroup and figure out what's happening.

Certain levels and frequencies exist to the Inconveniences (that can range from People to The Weather) that affect all Humans, Animals and Creatures on the Planet E. And, as We all know, it is The Objects that We come in contact with each Day that slow us down as We try to pursue the Work, the Arts, the Activities and The Dreams we need to do and get those Activities done, on a timely and satisfactory level.

I know this to be true because I'm officially now 56 & 9 months old (as of May 9, 2009) and there has been alot of Stimulus rushing past me for this Period that I can detail and have. SKiN is actually this Period of Observations on a vast many topics that have been near and dear to me as well as a thorn-in-my-side (left, right, back and far sides).

"OK, you say. Cut with the Psychology Today Lingo and Jargon already, Adrienne!" Which I always place in my BALE: Blogs, Articles, Limericks & Essays, as opening Filler and Insight.

Take 2: The First of Two (2) Main Themes of SKiN ©2009 is the intriguing Concept of:

Mixed Signals

that have been continuously throughout Man's Era since he learned to Tool-Make.

Continuously Mixed Signals surround us at every Move we make and made and with every Thought we have ever devised. Many of those Decisions were activiated by a Signal that was mixed and We had to make a quick Decision that was not one we had previously thought we would 'be' making. Needless to say, that Act alone can cause stress and distress.

Mixed Signals are how Humans interpret them, with whatever Abilities he/she possesses or doesn't. That's where the Trouble sets in and that sets THE STAGE for life (as it is), could be, should be and would be...if ONLY...

Those helpful Aids in accessing Mixed Signals include:

Common Sense and
Language Skill Abilities.

However, if a Mixed Signal is interrupted in the wrong Manner, Life for that Day becomes a Misperception, one that can have dire experiences for the SKiN you are in. It can become a Nightmare or a Marvel.

Presently, the Words accident pops into mind here, as well as trials and tribulations brought on because of what Mixed Signals cause.

Parenthetically and with an IT: Ironic Twist, each and every one of us is born...garbed in SKiN and that's where all those Misconceptions the Shades and Tones you are born 'into,' be it your Coating is:

Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or White.

Yes, all of the Daily Foibles and Mixed Signals that enter our Day can be traced to the Humblest of our Beginnings to our SKiN.

Does that mean We should instantly blame our Parents again (which many of us seem to do) for Things they have no Cntrol over or about? means that there are Situations that arise in our Days that need to be cleared up before Progress can be made...the Mixed Signals must be alleviated in order to get to the Heart of


What Matters is the Second Concept that I address in SKiN. And, there you have it, Dear Readers: The 2 Timely and Prevailing Topics of SKiN©2009 is:

1) not a Commercial or Advertisement for Dove Soap


2) A Hustler Magazine Insert


3) a New Sun-Tan Product that alleviates UV Rays due to Global Warming and Wrinkles due to the splendors of Aging .

It is a 41,000+ Word Novella whose 2 major themes discuss:

Mixed Signals
What Matters.

Please check back Tomorrow for more Insights into the Dynamics of SKiN of which you may enjoy.

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