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SKiN ©2009: The Script, The Book & The Odyssey: The May 11, 2009 Segment

Chicago, IL USA:

The Psychology behind SKiN ©2009 (my recently finished Novella of 44,000+ Words) ignites an Innovative Movement about Society’s Perception of Race & Race Relations, a Topic that is with us for the Length and Duration of our Lives. With People ‘hurting’ within ‘The Skin’ they are in, Gratification comes by knowing there are Fine Examples of Humans (among us) aiming to make Life better. This Act can be accomplished in a Number of Satisfactory Ways such as:

They may be Doctors and/or Nurses whose Professions are devoted to healing The Sick(ly);

They may be Nutritionists whose Professions are devoted to making People feel good inside and then, be able to endure what’s problematic on ‘The Outside;'

They may be Scientists working on Break-Throughs that range The Gamut of Abilities, Facilities and Utilities from A-Z;

They may be Educators whose chosen Professions (by trade) are linked to Higher Learning, not only to get along, but to be 'The Best' a Person can be(come);

They may be Writers (as myself) whose Creative Expressions strike The Core and Chord of Humanity with Words that are motivating, clear-cut and transcending;


They may be Artists (of the Painters’, Glass', Sculptors’ and Illustrators' Persuasions) who choose to 'Color Our World' in Shades that carry a strong Message to those viewing their Masterpieces.

In this Physical and Mindful Quest, that Piece of Art would complement SKiN (my Manuscript) so that The Combination of Words + Pictures could make an ever-lasting Impression (on Reader's and Viewer's both) since some Folks tend to be more graphics-oriented instead of print-oriented.

With this Plan-in-Mind, I made Arrangements to cover ART Chicago, The International Fair of Contemporary and Modern Art (marking its 29TH Year as of 2009) that I nicknamed: ©2007

3 years ago, due to its convenient Location being in The Merchandise Mart (operated and run by the MMPIin Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, May 3.

These are 3 Shows (from a Compendium of 300 Trade Shows, Market Events and Conferences) MMPI produces annually, all of which are the Best I have ever attended. Their Return and Attendance Rates verify my Comment.


My Goal was to find the Top 11 Artists (from 110 Galleries that appeared from across The World) whose Art appealed to me (discriminating as I am) who 'colored' their World in the most vivid Tones, Colors and Shades, placed in asymmetrical Dimensions -- ever imagined and using a Medium whether it was Canvas, Oils/Acrylics, Glass, Papyrus, Linen, Clay, Heavy Metals, etc. that would enhance this Work of Art.

Off I went,
prowling along hallways;
squeezing behind counters and curtains;
peering up at Ceiling Facades;
talking to the Creatives and Gallery Owners;
glancing out Windows (whether real or mock); and
checking high and low and being as selective as I naturally am.

Discrimination is a volatile Issue attached to Skin, therefore RACE. How Discrimination becomes more of a Positive is when it is used to select Fine Art (as well as Clothing or any Commodities We need). Discrimination redefines Consumerism and can make a great Difference in The Life of an Artist.

IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Great Art itself is what a Person sees, intprets and perceives on his own. How an Artist paints a Topic may be viewed as entirely different that what and how his/her Viewers and Fans see The Piece as and these comprise The Topics that fill up Encylopedias and are The Cause of significant Arguments and Debates.

ART is personal and may not be a Treasure to one as it is to another. Finding that Legion of Fans may take a Lifetime. It is a Job in itself! That's why Shows as these presented by The Merchandise Mart, give Artists that extra Visibility they so much need in order to excel.

ART can be as ‘fine’ as how The Word 'Fine' is defined, depending (of course) on what The Individual gravitates (to). Given the stagnating Economic Times We are now immersed in (if not drowing in), Art (that We enjoy) must be promoted ATM: All The More in order for 'The Piece' to captivate, sustain, enhance and transcend, as if it were a Living Organism.

After all, Art's Tendency is to brighten up a dark and gloomy Day. Wherever ART is placed, it was chosen to be there for a Reason - a Positive Reason that will instill a Response. The Choices these Artists have made in the Presentation of their Works at ARTropolis afforded them not only Sales, but FanFare and Write-ups, whether they are on Blogs, Newspapers or Fine Literary Magazines. They 'have arrived' is how they are recognized and received when appearing at Chicago's ARTropolis.

This was also an Opportunity for me to face The Skin of their Canvas and grasp Theories through their Strokes, Brush and Glass Marks they felt were as strong as my Words used in SkiN ©2009. Scouting for The Best of the ARTropolis Show was an Adventure, not to be missed.

TO RECAP: Faces (as you can tell from the Theme of SKiN) were The Theme and how they were painted (or artistically produced) was my Key Criteria. Included in my Selection from this Top 11 List for ARTropolis: 2009 are:

1. John Palmer, Artist
John Palmer Fine Art Gallery
Houston, Texas USA
Cubically inclined, colorfully painted Face, entitled Face #3
In the John Palmer Fine Art Gallery of note is:
“Pink Ribbon” by Kevin Peterson of Houston, Texas

2. Roberto Edwards
Holden Luntz Gallery
Palm Beach, Florida USA
People in Cow Skin & Colors

3. Justine Otto, Artist
'My Beloved Monster' (Girl and her Dog)
Gallery: Barbara von Stechow
Frankfurt, Germany

4. Cintan Upadhyay
'Untitled' - Child spreading Arms Kalpa Mumlai Vrahsha ©2005
Mumbai, India

5. 'Sage' by Yang Yang
Chinese American Art Council
New York City, New York USA

6. Dan & Owen Dailey Father & Son
Sculptors in Glass & Metal
Hawk Galleries
Columbus, Ohio USA

7. Robert Lostuther
Man's Face with Bird Wing-Overlay ©2004
Tory Folliard Gallery
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

8. Malcolm T. Liepke
Sideways Glance ©2009
Arcadia Fine Arts
New York City, New York USA

9. Philomena Williamson, Artist
Boundary Crossing ©2008
June Kelly Gallery
New York City, New York USA

10. Aaron Fink
'Lincoln' 2008 Alpha Gallery
Boston, Massachusetts USA

11. Corneille
Nu bleu Painting 2009
Die Galerie, Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt, Germany

OF SPECIAL NOTE is Chicago based Painter and Gallery Owner, Dan Addington whose New Works entitled 'Monument & Memory were unveiled at Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery ( operated by Ms. Ogilvie and Ms. Pertl running from May 1, 2009 - June 1, 2009 that expresses Drama and Expression with every Stroke made. As one of Chicago's leading and favorite Painters, you may visit or phone Dan in his Gallery at:

Addington Gallery
704 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610 USA


Prejudice hurts through The Skin to The Bone to The Heart of the Matter. With People hurting and feeling 'The Pain' because of The Skin they are born into, Art provides an Outlet (creative We could say) where Special Feelings are derived, drawn upon and subsequently stirred. Skin (painted in opulent and vibrating Shades) makes a commanding Statement. If these Skins (also delineated as a Painter's Canvas or other Medium/Surface he/she uses) can be colorful, then there is no Reason why Prejudice should shroud and even exist because of The Color of his/her Skin.

VIEWED ANOTHER WAY: Man's Tendency is to mimic. Make-up transforms a Person to feel more attractive. In this Vein, The Art on The Wall, on The Pedestal or on The Table (wherever that Objet d'Art is displayed) is no different than the Person coloring (tanning or bleaching) his/her Skin in colorful Make-up. Both Professions are lay Foundations through blushes and powdery shadows while being therapeutic in Nature all the while.

Another Artistic Account claims that: The Psychology of SKiN has every Thing to do with 'The Nature of The Animal' especially so when (the) Art appeals to The Senses and can induce Goose Pimples all over One's Skin as these designated Artworks painted by John, Roberto, Justine, Cintan, Yang, Dan, Owen, Robert, Malcolm, Philomena, Aaron, Corneille and Dan listed above do.

Lots can be read from Faces and Facial Expressions which all of these Renditions fully exhibited. To examine the complete List of Exhibitors who attended ARTropolis: 2009, visit the Website at:
Contact: Ms. Kasey Madden
Director of Public Relations / Art Chicago
at: kmadden(at)

for all Queries and Questions you may have about Show and its diverse Exhibitors.


To any Art Book Publisher reading this Blog as Abrams or Taschen, this Blog sets forth the Idea that these Artist's Works should be placed in a Book expressing this Theme of Skin and Anti-Prejudice. Art not only is pretty to hang on The Wall or ‘on the Surface,’ but below ‘The Skin Level,’ it appeals to our Senses and unites all People like nothing quite else does, whether it was painted on cave walls or condo corridors.

For the discerning Collectors wanting to purchase a Work of Art, these 12 Pieces are highly recommended. Any of these Additions to your Collection will set you apart as a Provident Collector and is important in promoting The Arts, Man's Treasures of Self-Expression.

If you missed seeing these Artists, give yourself a Virtual Tour of their Galleries and Studios online and/or email them (stating where you heard of them – via me, ASK, The Author of SKiN ©2009) in order to see how ‘ART’ should work in today’s ever-changing World. Better still: Pack up 'The Family' and head out on a Vacation to see their Galleries and/or Studios, LIVE!.

NOTE: This 1,770-Word Blog will be emailed to the Top Art 350 Art & Popular Culture Magazines and Journalists around The World after SKiN, my Manuscript has been launched on June 15, 2009 to keep the Momentum of how Art colors our World alive.

“One Piece of Art alone (as the ones I selected here alone) can bind us, not divide us. L-o-n-g Division should only exist in Math.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 – 5:52 AM CST

For still more SKiNsights (SKiN + Insights = SKiNsights) into this Writing, please check back Tomorrow.

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Rewrites from May 12-15, 2009
CST By: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
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