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SKiN ©2009: The Script, The Book & The Odyssey: The May 14, 2009 Segment

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In yesterday's Blog about Alice in Wonderland, I realized there were direct Connections between Alice's Lost Dimension and the one in whichmy Characters - aka: 'THE TROUPE' in

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explores. Today in order to pinpoint where that Cross-Over Potential lies, I'll list several of The Similarities between the 2 Texts, which would make for ideal Discussion Material for University Literature Classes and Book Clubs.

Alice & SKiN both employ: Rabbits, Rats, Cats, Turtles and Owls, popular Creatures as they are.

Both Lewis & I are fascinated by: An explosion of Sizes of Creatures. Alice becomes both BIG and small. SKiN refers to the Age of the Great Dinosaur; as well as Time Annals; Man's Lack of Disciplines; focusing on Will Power and Creativity that all The Characters 'do' in both texts. The One of my Characters in SKiN possessesthe Naivety and Innocence of Youth to counter-balance the 9 other Creatures older, more mature and ripened personalities.

Both Lewis & I use 'Lessons' in our Texts and are both fond of finding Morals in every Day Objects. I actually assigned a New Word as of Sunday, May 10, 2009 @ 6:15 PM: Moralice (as in Moral + Alice) for this Literary Feature.

Similarities also arise with his 'Mock Turtle' and my Turtle & Saber Tooth Cat Paragraph found in Scene 15.

Lewis' White Rabbit is comparable to my Petite Oreilles Soliloquy found in Scene 13.

Lewis and I both use non-sense poetry in our Writings (that, by the way, makes perfect sense to me).

Similarities also arise with the Age Issue that Alice & The Troupe discovered while in their respective Worlds.

Both Lewis & I have a great dislike for the word: IT that follows consistently through The Text.

'Prizes' seem to appear from Time to Time in Alice; whereby the Prize in SKiN is buried in their Souls.

In one of Alice's Chapters, Lewis chose the Letter 'M' to elaborate - whereby I chose the Letter 'P' in One of my Inserts.

Beyond The Plot of The Story, is the Fact that Lewis Carroll cared enough for someone to write a Story; whereby my Emphasis is aimed towards Compassion and Respect towards the Animal Kingdom and Nature (instead of One Singular Person as the Theme). After all, "IT does take a Village."

Similarities also arise with the vast Amount of Puns and Wordplay We both banter (about).

All of The Characters are methodically and systematically (with a slight strain of Strategy) placed to explain an Issue that pesters the Author. By using Animals in lieu of People, it's much easier to see the Foibles, Frailties, Faults, Failures and Flaws (thus Frustrations) of their Ways. Hope for Improvement may come about because of this. And, if not, it's a nice Story to read and absorb.

There are only so many Topics in the World to cover when it comes to Writing, Painting or any of The Arts. Each Writer/Author has their own Style. That's what makes reading one of the best Past-Times known to Man...where one can't go wrong...even when exploring other Worlds. As the Decades and Centuries come and go, Fine Literature, as We have seen and read here: STAYS.

For still more SKiNsights (SKiN + Insights = SKiNsights) into this Writing, please check back Tomorrow.

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