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SKiN ©2009: The Script, The Book & The Odyssey: The May 8, 2009 Segment

Chicago, IL USA:

One of the Leading Pages (of a Grand Total of 160) states:

"It's like saying 'Good-Bye.'"

and Today I had that exact Feeling as I place the Finishing Touches on ‘The Script’ of SKiN ©2009 and prepare it for Copyrighting in Washington, DC. These Days with Automation being what it The Process has become so simplified with Computers and The Internet...anyone anywhere can write (almost) anything and feel a Sense of Accomplishment. Even if the Piece never receives Accolades as an award winner that's turned into a box office hit by Steven Spielberg, the Sense of Accomplishment alone is something money cannot buy. If it could, the Price would be exorbitant.

Scene 20 of 28 in SKiN ©2009 contains a very Sad Segment when 'The Troupe' come upon and meet up with a Bat who later finds out she is on 'The Endangered Species List.' As 'Batina' (The Bat...I thought that would be a Good a Name as any - after all, it rhymes; is short and sweet and is clever enough to be remembered) bids her 'New Friends' good-bye', she does not know if she will ever see them again.

With the Popularity of Kevin Bacon’s 6 Degrees of Separation this Concept could possibly hold true in The Animal World, but you know, we (as Humans) have no way of finding this out. We’re savvy about The Homing Instinct in Animals, we know some Animals ‘mate’ for life, but as for them knowing Others who know them, well, that shall always remain a Mystery to Humanity.

That, too, is one of the Fun Things about Writing. You can change whatever needs to be changed to fall into and with the Story Line…even the SKiN you are in!

RETURNING TO BATINA: She does not want to tell The Troupe (consisting of GORF and his 9 Friends) ‘Good-Bye’ as IT could very well be final. And, as We all know: Final in Extinction is forever.


"It's like saying 'Good-Bye.'"

reminded me at this time (on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 12:29 PM CST) that the Cursive Part of The Script is now completed. Started on Thursday, January 29, 2009, it started off with One Word, that Word being:


and now has grown to 43,136 Words...or 43,135 more than what I had anticipated on that l-o-n-g, cold January Day. The Creative Part that drives and pushes the Writing has basically ended. That's also relatively sad; but the FUN Times are ahead. The Marketing begins. The Photo Shoots will again start. This is because I am also photo-illustrating The 10 Characters that can then be animated, etc. True to form, the Weather is beginning to feel spring-like and there are plenty of Forest Preserves in and around Chicago that will be the back-drop for their Adventures.

"After all, have you ever seen a Prop as beautiful as Nature. I know I haven't."


Friday, May 8, 2009 - 12:32 PM CST

SIDE-TRACKIN’: Fridays consistently mark (yet) another FAUX FUR FRIDAYS. Today is the 19TH of 52 in this Series that is happening in 2009. FAUX FUR FRIDAYS (again to reiterate) was the Concept that ignited this Novella and is a way to look great; save Animalia from Hunters, Poachers and Extinction and to instill the Heritage of Nature in us all.


Therefore, instead of feeling badly that Part of The Project is done, there's always more Parts to look forward to...for Words, just happen to have that Tendency when you know how to write, compose and tell-it-like it should be.

For still more SKiNsights (SKiN + Insights = SKiNsights) into this Writing, please check back tomorrow.

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
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