Saturday, May 30, 2009

SKiN ©2009: The Script, The Book & The Odyssey: The May 30, 2009 Segment

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If you are reading a Cookbook, you know what its theme is. If you're checking out a HOW TO book, you pretty much know you're going to figure out HOW something is done. However, if you pick up a title of any Fiction or Frictional Book, the Titles are misleading. That's why Artists and Illustrators come in so handy to define what is within those Covers. However, once inside and reading what the Author is saying, something 'the good part' doesn't get till the last Chapter. That may cause many Readers to read the finale first in order to see if the Beginning and Middle of the Book lead up to the correct ending.
However #2 is that it's a challenge to throw-off your Reader. I've done this on many occasion - just to keep them on their toes. The following Topics are all found in SKiN: How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race:
1) Muddled Thinking is worse than not thinking.
2) Double Standards exist between Humans and Animals.
3) Man is proof that Evolution is slipping.
4) Record your Stories for Future Generations to behold (as well as yourself for a rainy day).
5) It is not WHAT you see, it'sWHO you see. Actions are not 'The Soul of Man, only a Trigger to get to their Past and through their Troubled Perception of their Environment, one flooded in Misconceptions and Mixed Signals.

For still more SKiNsights (SKiN + Insights = SKiNsights) into this Writing, please check back Tomorrow.

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