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Scriptapalooza's Countdown: A Matter of Hours till Movie History's made...

Chicago, IL USA:
(as posted on Scriptapalooza's Facebook Account) for Wednesday, August 18,2010

Hey, Scriptapals: It is now officially and without a doubt less than 1 Day (24 hours) to go til the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Winners for 2010 – the TOP 10 will be announced! I can’t imagine what these Writers are feeling. Except, most of them are probably glued to their cell phone as I’d guess Mark will call the Top 3 – at least – to tell them of their Winning and plan for what happens next. Last week as you may recall, I took the liberty and picked my Top 10 from The 30 Finalists of which 2 placed. There might be a place for me in the Astrology Field or in Vegas.

Today, I’m doing the same – based on the Strength of the Title alone. After all, when you go into a Bookstore or Library, it’s the Cover and Title that grabs you first; then U pick the Book up – check it out – buy it and decide if it lives up to its Name.

In alfa order, those are:

1) Come in from the Cold War by Bob Garden
2) Dead Fish in Still Water by Paul Martel
3) Dreamweavers by Kyrai Antares & Kevin Thompson
4) Garincha by Michael Ennis
5) Ichabod’s Revenge by Stuart Crafton
6) Knock 3 Times by Jeff Goldstein
7) My Mom’s Big Fat Lesbian Wedding by Michael Cramer
8) Second Born by David Jagernauth
9) Staff Development by Jon Bernstein
10) The Day The Daniels Left by Lydia Fantozzi

Now for my Top 3 calls are:

Come in from the Cold War by Bob Garden
Ichabod’s Revenge by Stuart Crafton
My Mom’s Big Fat Lesbian Wedding by Michael Cramer

But no matter how you placed, we all now have a Script that can be reworked and marketed thanks to the Workings of Scriptapalooza. After all, it’s the STORY that counts.

Posted by: A Person who has lots of time on her Hands,
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
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August 18, 2010 – 9:35 AM CST

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