Saturday, August 7, 2010

TOM WARSON, Screen & Scriptwriter: Expose on Pillars of The Sea ©2010

As Scriptapalooza's International Screenplay Competition draws to a close for this year's finale, masses of Scripts are now being marketed to those industry professionals who can turn those titles a 'household name.' Having met via email some of the terrific "Body of People" Mark Andrushko & Genevieve Cybor of Scriptapalooza helped expose, the following is one title, I myself would: 1) go see as a movie & 2) read as a book. The Author/Screenwriter for that selection is:

Location: France

Contact info:

Logline for "Pillars of The Sea"©2010:
A prodigiously-talented Mexican worker discovers that the road to becoming a successful artist and rescuing his family from poverty is paved with double and triple-bottomed boxes. One has a demon with the power to steal the sun away.

Tagline: There is more beyond.

NOTE: More Info, Data/Insights will be posted regularyly on Mr. Warson's Screenwriting Endeavors on (t)his legendary classic.


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