Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There's nothing sweeter than Rich Bove's Artificial Sweetener...A Scriptapalooza Winner sweetens up his Winnings

Chicago, IL USA:

NOTE: Richard Bove is amongst the first to have his longline posted over here at Koopersmithin. This is what he has to say and with a twist, adds the delightful note that 377 Quarter Finalists are rejects. Nice work if you can get it, that's for sure. But by all means, if you are, known or plan on becoming a Literary Agent, by all means contact Richard, as his latest Writing: Artificial Sweetener may be just the script you are looking for. His note and vitals is below for your perusal.

Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in us Quarter Finalist rejects!

Richard Bove
Tampa, FL
http://www.talentville.com/user/sub.php?id=437 (Talentville.com)

"Artificial Sweetener" :
A tragic car accident. A mother dies…a baby cries…and twenty years later three brothers harbor the guilt, anger, and abandonment that manifest their daily lives. Through sex, drugs, or violence they find a release...but at what price?

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