Sunday, February 13, 2011

Countdown To 60: Another Day forward

Chicago, IL USA

NBC, national news this morning presented an interesting story about the Fountain of Youth that Ponce de Leon, the great explorer was hell-bent on finding. A score of people were interviewed; the actual waters were tested, drank, bottled and sold from a Spring that appeared to be like any other spring you may have noticed. Was this all in a person's mind or did these waters have special powers? That would be left up to the person. It does take lots of power to keep yourself on a rigid and healthy course of action, no matter if you are approaching 60 - 30, 90 or 100. An interesting fact that I wish to share that I read just recently stated that People over 55 do not drink enough water. If taken 'this way,' then water does play a great part in your diet. Quenching as it is, it keeps your inner body functioning and functioning is what we like to do. Me in particular because I have always assumed the Root Word of 'functioning' is fun.

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