Friday, February 11, 2011

Koopersmith's Countdown To 60: February 11, 2011

Chicago, IL USA:

Many of us do not appreciate the here and now. We don't appreciate that so many other people across the world, for hundreds of years -- or even the last 50 years since we seem to have a better grasp of The Present -- know what it is like to do without. Times were much rougher when we did not have grocery stores; doctors who knew the latest in medical advancements or fine or even mediocre restaurants to eat in. Those are considered luxuries these days. Then to add more thought and fuel to this evaluation, there are a certain number of people in the demographics of the world population that will NOT live to see 60 years old. A shame, of course, this is the Law of Nature and Survival of the Fittest taking center stage.

2000 years ago the average age was 33. Now, 2011 years later, living to 100 is a possibility. But how you live that life - your life is what it is all about. Therefore, for those of you who are active in this (mine or your):


It's quite prudent to feel that: Sixty is the New 30

and for the most obvious of reasons that make us all chat and chatter about it.

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