Thursday, February 10, 2011

KOOPERSMITH's COUNTDOWN TO 60! Day: 544: February 10, 2011

Chicago, IL USA:

Segment #2 for Thursday, February 10, 2011
There’s nothing intangible about a (c)lump or sum(mary) of 545 Days and that’s exactly what I have to play with till I turn 60.

Part of this lengthy Study is that a dear friend of mine turned 60. Heck, he just turned 61 a few days ago and I’m ‘using him’ as all men should be used, to see how the Aging Process works and if there are Ways, Methods and Commonalities I can do to prepare for my 7TH Decade which will be arriving in 544 more Days. Yesterday, as you know, marked the 1.5 year Milestone before I turn 60 as well as many others who were born on Saturday, August 9, 1952. Days should be enjoyed for what they are, but anticipatory events can be utilized to the fullest as I plan to as I explore MORE about the Aging Process and how I plan to overcome it.


Last night at supper, for instance, I explained to a friend (who is only 40) about COUNTDOWN TO 60™. Not only did he seem somewhat unconcerned and skeptically aloof since he is only 2/3 of my age, but his big comment which pleased me was:

“Not only do you not smoke or drink, Adrienne, but you don’t dye your hair, do you?”

I found this most amusing, as this was a guy/man who had hair dye in mind as the process of aging continues on, then pointed out that he had more than his fair-share of grays (although I could spot none). And, of course, commentary as this falls into my Beauty Section on how to best care for yourself while ‘still on this granite Planet that we call Earth and Home.’

CHANGING THE TOPIC: In an email from my Mother, she had commented that Oprah’s guest was Erica Cain of ALL MY CHILDREN, soap opera fame and her slew of husbands throughout the years. Mom stated that she did not recognize some of these actors – they had not ‘aged’ well. I then wrote to her saying as I am a staunch advocate of FACEBOOK: That's also 1 of the funny things about FACEBOOK. Some of my newly-found OLD friends from as long as 53 years ago are people I would never recognize at a class reunion, even with a Name Tag.

We all age. It merely depends on how and/or if you take are of yourself. That's why my COUNTDOWN TO 60 is so important to keep People looking and feeing their best...

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