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Snowed on LSD -- a Song for all Seasons & Meteorologic Disturbances by Skip Haynes

Chicago, IL USA.

Probably 1 of the top 2 rock songs to ever come out of Chicago during the 1900s belongs to Skip Haynes of the Band, Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah that played the CMC: Chicago Music Circuit when 'Music rocked' in The Windy City - Sweet Home Chicago. For me, it was the year 1979 when I first heard this Tune and it always made me appreciate the beauty of 'my kind of town' while driving freely and easily down LAKE SHORE DRIVE with not a care in the world. It all seemed to work as it still does today. Now, that's LASTING POWER, Boys & Girls, Moms & Dads.

Therefore, it came as no surprise to me when Skip, now an active Californian reworked it to go along with our impending and really gloomy weather conditions - ie: THE BLIZZARD OF 2011 that hit Chicago with a fury during the first week of Feb. The ground hog didn't even come out to see her shadow. Yes, folks, THINGS were that bad.

THEN, all of a sudden from out of the Blue (not blues in this case), an article all about that Event appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times by Mary Houlihan that stated and was entitled:

* * * * *

New Lake Shore Drive song
By Mary Houlihan Staff Reporter/mhoulihan(at)suntimes(dot)com Feb 7, 2011 09:14AM

When all the cars got stuck last week on Lake Shore Drive, Skip Haynes’ phone started ringing.

Chicagoans will remember that back in 1971, Haynes had a hit with his song “Lake Shore Drive,” recorded by the Chicago trio, Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah. Now, his friends thought he should update it.

“I thought if I can do this in 30 minutes, I’ll do it,” said Haynes, 63. “It came out pretty fast. Apparently, it’s making people smile.”

The song, “Snowed on LSD,” is a funny lament about getting stuck in the storm. It was written in Los Angeles, where Haynes lives, a refugee from Chicago winters. But last Wednesday when he wrote the song, he says the temperature wasn’t cooperating.

“It was in the mid-40s,” Haynes said, laughing. “I could certainly get in the mood.”

He says the original song was actually written in the winter after a snowy 4 a.m. drive down Lake Shore Drive.

“But that song is a springtime song for the first time you put the top down on the convertible,” he said. “Watching the news reports last week, I saw a very different Lake Shore Drive experience.”

The song can be purchased on Haynes’ website,

* * * * *

Definitely a Tune you can still rock out to; no matter what the format or weather conditions. And as for making the Original LSD Song into Chicago's Anthem, well, that idea certainly is being entertained by Skip's fans both near and afar. A definite tune to download and put on your iPod.

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