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i love EVENTS. What’s more FUN than knowing there is something to anticipate; to plan for; something else ‘to do’ in the long List of Things (EVENTS of all Varieties) that We Humans subject ourselves (to) on a Daily Basis. Then, in 1990 as i was approaching my Fifth Decade of Life, i was rapidly becoming extremely bored by the constant and monotonous Flow of EVENTS that dots our Perennial Calendar. Affixed as they are, those standard and traditional HOLIDAYS just did not have the Pizzazz or pack the Punch (as they once had) when i was younger and much more impressionable with The Mundane. After all, i was maturing and formulating better Ways on how i wanted ‘The System’ to be run, EVENT-by-EVENT, which is how Life cyclically operates. Being born in 1952, i was 38 at the time and this Milestone meant i had celebrated:

38 New Year’s Days;
38 Valentine’s Days;
38 St. Patrick’s Days;
38 April Fools’ Days;
38 Fourth of July’s;
38 Labor Days;
38 Halloweens;
38 Thanksgivings;
38 Christmas Eve’s;
38 Christmases;
38 New Year’s Eves

“Enough was enough already!” i said to myself. “If i have to go through any more of these Festivities, i’ll pull-out my Hair!” With a Flair for what’s fair, i strongly felt that every Day was important. i consistently wondered:

“Why should just a Handful of EVENTS
be celebrated when every Day
is as vital as the One before it;
the One after it?”

Then, Fate staged its Entrance (as it does) in changing the Landscape. From this Point on-word, all EVENTS in my Life that (were to) follow would be radically altered. While visiting the Fullerton Street Library in Chicago’s Lincoln Park in 1990 and moseying around the Bookshelves, i spotted a Volume called Chase’s Calendar of Events. Listed were EVENTS of all Subjects & Matters that caught my undivided Attention. Every Day of the Year was listed and attached to it was a Historical Occasion; a Happening that proved what i thought, knew and assumed all along:

That each Day is monumental in its own Right, Rite and Write of Passage.

i studied the Book from Cover-to-Cover. As a creative & cosmopolitan Person(ality), i was quite interested in a huge Assortment of Topics. I am totally fascinated by People; mesmerized by Places; and intrigued by Things that many Times just happened or appeared for no obvious Reason, entering my Realm and then quickly departing, very much as a(ny) Day does.

Every Object serves a Purpose and deserves to be immortalized in Time, remembered for its Contribution, having occurred as it did - allowing others ‘The Opportunity’ to find them ‘of interest’ as well, if they so chose.

‘Popular Culture’ was the Buzz Word and by tying all these Facets of Humanity & Society together, that Mass of Literary Words + Worlds would illuminate to show We (as a People – Humanity) are all The Same and that our Similarities embrace our unique Differences. That simple Connection became The Foundation of what was to steer my Creative Writing Career.

Like clockwork, from that Moment of Realization, i started Writing and creating EVENTS. One EVENT led to another. As a Trendsetter and 20TH Century Literary Pioneer, i felt a new Literary Genre needed to be introduced to ‘The Scene’ which was rather easy to do as Writing comes Second Nature to me. Because i reside in the Third largest and most sophisticated Metropolis in the USA: Chicago, Illinois, the Diversity of Cultures was instantly found at one’s Fingertips, the Fingers that were to write-out the Story of Our Days. Therefore:


was created on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM that began with 1 humble HOLIDATE and now swells to a Herd of over 1,900 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE in 34 Categories.

i’m not bored anymore…

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
Chicago, Illinois USA

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