Thursday, February 2, 2012

ASK's COUNTDOWN TO 60 for February 2, 2012 - Ground Hog's Day: 2012

ASK's COUNTDOWN TO 60: It really doesn't bother me that I'll be 60 in 27 more Weeks - as next Thursday marks my 59.5 birthday & one-half, but evidently those people who run the marketing groups are looking for people with specific demographics. Today, for instance, proved to be a prime example. I decided I'd help these people out who needed 'talking heads.' So I filled out the form, not putting my age in. Actually, I did not have my glasses on and didn't see it - I mean how big is the word: AGE. It can be overlooked, you know. When, they emailed me back, they asked for MY AGE. Of course, I told them 'ageless' - then seriously typed in 59. A few seconds later, I got a note stating I was the wrong demographic.

As if they were looking for people OLDER? The clincher was: Their Angle was 'what kind of groceries do you buy?' And by having strict parameters, it's as if to say: People over 55 don't eat. Some things U can understand; some things U can't. This falls into the shouldn't category. No matter what, I'm 59 and 25 weeks old today & had a great day...if the Marketers don't get you, the Winters here will...

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