Thursday, February 9, 2012

ASK's Countdown To 60: 6 Months to go! Preparatory Work for the Big Celebration!

ASK's COUNTDOWN TO 60. So there we have it. It's official. Today is Thursday, February 9TH, 2012: In only Six (6) Months from today I turn 60. So I decided last night: What can I do that would be different for the next 6 months -- 180 days or so that would really get me in shape - something I never did the last 59.5. I'm pretty much SET in my ways now. I asked my friendly deli counter gal that sees me every day. She couldn't think of anything more exciting than trying a new salad every day, but I did think of something. I am going to introduce LOW (very low - as low-as-U-can-go) Aerobic Workouts to my Day. I use the microwave about 3 times, daily. Therefore, while THE TIMER is going - I'm going to move around, aerobically, that is. After 180 days, something somewhere may have tightened up. I think it's a good idea. It doesn't cost me anything. The time is going to plod on by anyway...MicroWave Aerobics! Who knows. It just might catch on! No telling! Cheers, ASK - 2-9-2012 - 3:32 PM CST

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