Monday, February 20, 2012

President Day Toys - let's hear it for their Pets instead!

I'm curious: It's President's Day - the you think the Sales of Toys/Dolls depicting USA Presidents soar today? I would think they would. Any comments and commentary? I think ALL THE PRESIDENTS' PETS would have a good draw - if a prominent TOY MANUFACTURER caught wind of this & produced a cute set of them & sold them next year on Prez. Day of 2013. Cute little furry dogs -- press a button and their tail wags and they start barking up a storm. The Marketing (we could call it BARK-eting) on this would be phenomena. I always have an interest in TOYS as I've been collecting for 59 years...and I'm 'America's Premier Eventologist' so I create Holidates that set aside important TOPICS as TOYS & how they influence the world. Thanks for listening!

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